Podcast Metrics: The Next Generation

    By Steve Mulder, Senior Director of Audience Insights, NPR The explosive growth of podcast listening shows no signs of slowing. An estimated 67 million Americans over 12-year old listen to podcasts monthly, according to Edison Research, up significantly compared to just a year ago. As with any emerging […]

Simplifying Video Ad Delivery

By Amit Shetty Over the last few months we have been asked a number of questions about the use of various video ad tech standards. We have seen a number of changes in the space like diminishing browser support for Flash, as well as major growth in mobile and Over-the-Top […]

The Case for Dynamic Music Creative

  By: Brian Ales, Triton Digital In my past life as a working music composer, I wrote and produced more than my share of music for advertising. From there, I slid into the music technology space, and from there on to my current work in audio adtech – but it’s […]

OpenVV Releases v2.5.5 with Intersection Observer Technology

    By James Reetzke At the Open Video Viewability project, we’re continually investigating new methods and APIs to make the library more robust and compatible in a variety of contexts. As browser vendors continue to move away from plugin based solutions for multimedia functionality that advertising technology has traditionally […]

Evolution of Podcast Metrics

    By Rockie Thomas Like many new digital media formats, Podcasting is the marriage of old and new. It combines the strengths of traditional radio’s episodic spoken word, great creative narrative and effective advertising formats, with the strengths of digital media’s diverse distribution and consumption choices that can literally […]

VAST 4.0 Arrives, Championing the Technology Behind the Growth of Digital Video Advertising

By Amit Shetty Over the last few years, digital video has been in hyper growth mode, with a projected 80% of all internet traffic expected to be video by 2018. This is because of improvements in video technology, wider viewing device options, and an increase in content made available online […]