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OpenRTB Native subgroup resumes work to update specification

By Jennifer Derke   OpenRTB Native Sub-Group Begins Work on Version 1.2 of the Dynamic Native Ads API Specification After a brief hiatus, the OpenRTB Native sub-group has resumed biweekly meetings in order to work on the next iteration of the Dynamic Native Ads API specification. This spec describes the […]

OpenVV Releases v2.5.5 with Intersection Observer Technology

    By James Reetzke At the Open Video Viewability project, we’re continually investigating new methods and APIs to make the library more robust and compatible in a variety of contexts. As browser vendors continue to move away from plugin based solutions for multimedia functionality that advertising technology has traditionally […]

IAB Tech Lab Releases OpenRTB 2.5 with Feature Updates for Current Programmatic Technology

By Jennifer Derke Since its inception, the OpenRTB (real time bidding) standard has drawn in participation from a developer community invested in advancing programmatic technologies across the digital advertising industry. OpenRTB 2.5 has been released for a 30-day open review period from November 16 until December 16, 2016. Bill Simmons, […]

How To Document.write a Better User Experience

    By Kenji Baheux Composability is one of the great powers of the web: imagine how hard it would be to build and run a website if it were not for the ability to easily integrate with services built by third parties! However, one of the downsides of composability, […]

Evolution of Podcast Metrics

    By Rockie Thomas Like many new digital media formats, Podcasting is the marriage of old and new. It combines the strengths of traditional radio’s episodic spoken word, great creative narrative and effective advertising formats, with the strengths of digital media’s diverse distribution and consumption choices that can literally […]

Launching the IAB Tech Lab OpenData Task Force

By Jennifer Derke The IAB has outlined a number of business problems around data management for marketers. Digital marketers and buy side platforms are experiencing inefficiencies in data flow for analytics, challenges with nomenclature in ETL (Extract, Transform, Load), and seeing friction in data merging processes. As partners to the IAB’s […]

OpenDirect Delivers Simplicity Through Powerful Industry Standards

    By Vasil Remeniuk The traditional Insertion Order (IO) process has been exceedingly tedious, resulting in inordinate amounts of wasted time, back and forth, as well as efficiency issues with dropped orders and a lack of transparency. This has given way to Automated Guaranteed, which seeks to apply automation […]

Taxonomy: The Most Important Industry Initiative You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

By Melissa Gallo   Taxonomy is not a word that draws mass excitement. When I was first assigned the task of working to update the current IAB taxonomy, I was sent immediately back to high school chemistry class – not my strongest nor most enjoyed subject. So one might ask, […]

Ad Reinsertion: For Better or Worse?

      By Joe Barone “Ad reinsertion” happens when publishers use technology to serve ads to browsers that have an active ad blocking plug-in. It’s a new solution some publishers are considering to ensure delivery of ads to their sites’ visitors. GroupM is concerned by this opaque means of […]

How LEAN Can You Get? A Scale and a Score Will Tell You

By Brendan Riordan-Butterworth Framing Six months ago, the IAB Tech Lab released the LEAN Principles.  These were a product of research and discussion with thought leaders who championed a clear path to better user experience in advertising-supported digital media – a must in a world where too many consumers were […]