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Overview of OpenDirect 2.0

Developed by members of the OpenDirect Working Group, OpenDirect 2.0 allows for improved order management.

The updates made in OpenDirect 2.0 and the challenges they address are:

  • Price negotiation between publishers and buyers
  • Discovery of new deal opportunities
  • Expanded media channels (using AdCOM for video and OOH media support)
  • Improved order management across platforms

The OpenDirect Working Group is now working on the final version.  Please email any questions to

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About OpenDirect

IAB released the final version of OpenDirect 1.0 in January 2015. Originally developed by a working group of representatives from AOL, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Yieldex, and later expanded to include executives from Bionic Advertising Systems and MediaMath as well, the OpenDirect specification was brought to IAB and its Digital Advertising Automation Task Force to be part of the trade association’s existing automation efforts, to gain wider industry participation, and to drive adoption across the ecosystem.

Automated Guaranteed is the method of buying which automates the digital direct sale. The deal is negotiated directly between buyer and seller (in-person or via a platform), the inventory and pricing are guaranteed, and the campaign runs at the same priority as other direct deals in the ad server. The RFP (Request for Proposal) and campaign trafficking process are completely automated within the technology platform. OpenDirect is the API specification which supports this process.

OpenDirect 1.0 was the first open specification that supports Automated Guaranteed to be released into the market. The specification offers a range of benefits to both agencies and publishers alike including:

Publisher benefits:

  • Increased workflow efficiencies
  • Greater control in packaging, pricing, and delivery of inventory
  • Reliable means of automating reserved inventory

Agency benefits:

  • Liquidity of bigger pools of unique users
  • Increased efficiency via one API integration across multiple publishers
  • Book guaranteed delivery and access to media offerings not available on an exchange

Previous Versions
Version Release Date
OpenDirect 1.5.1 (PDF) September 2016
OpenDirect 1.5 (PDF) March 2016
OpenDirect 1.0 (PDF) March 2015

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Developed by the OpenDirect Working Group

IAB Tech Lab Contact

Jill Wittkopp
Senior Director, Programmatic & Software Products