IAB/ABC International Spiders and Bots List

How to Subscribe

Though members get discounts, you do not have to be a member of the IAB to subscribe to the list. To subscribe to the list, please email spiders@iab.com.  Access to the list is not available until payment has been received. Subscriptions last 12 months from the date of sign up and access is provided via FTP once payment is processed.

If your company requires a PO for purchase, please email spiders@iab.com.

Download the IAB Spiders and Bots Best Practices for Implementation (PDF)

A subscription lasts for a year and gives you access to:

  • Industry leaders in spiders & bots detection and filtering
  • The Alliance for Audited Media and IAB support
  • A comprehensive guide to best practices in using the spiders & bots list


  • IAB General Member: $4,000
  • IAB Associate Member: $7,000
  • Non-Member: $14,000

Submit Newly Discovered Spiders & Bots

IAB requests that subscribers submit any new spiders and/or robots they discover as often as possible. List modifications may be recommended by any entity including non-IAB members. The list will be updated monthly to reflect changes that are brought to the attention of The Alliance for Audited Media, ABC UK, and the Policy Board.

Submit Here

About the International IAB/ABC Spiders & Bots List

The IAB has enlisted The Alliance for Audited Media to perform evaluation and management services associated with maintaining and publishing the industry Spiders and Robots list, the use of which is required for compliance to the IAB’s Client Side Counting (CSC) Measurement Guidelines for “double pass” filtering. We have also formed a Spiders & Robots Policy Board to oversee and approve list modifications (see list below).

 Spiders & Robots Policy Board (as of 9/1/2015)

  • Albert Roux, Microsoft
  • Andreas Piras, Microsoft
  • Brendan Riordan-Butterworth, IAB
  • Charlie Stafford, Weather.com
  • Daniel Cary, Google
  • Derek O’Loughlin, Microsoft
  • Greg Taylor, Alliance for Audited Media
  • Jeff Gilbert, Conversant
  • Mark Thielen, Adtech
  • Martin Liljenback, Adobe
  • Michael McNally, Google
  • Neil Fasteen, Webtrends
  • Oliver Agar, ABC Electronic (UK)
  • Per Bjorke, Google
  • Philippe Rivard, Google
  • Richard Thurman, AOL
  • Ron Calhoun, Yahoo
  • Steve Guenther, Alliance for Audited Media
  • Umesh Chandwani, AdMarvel

For further inquiries, please contact here