March 2018

Event Title Date Time Location Event Details
IAB Tech Lab Council – Q1 Meeting: Supply Chain
March 13, 2018 12:00-2:00PM PST/ 3:00-5:00PM EST IAB NY
(Remote option available)
The new IAB Tech Lab Council will host its first supply chain specific council meeting on Tuesday, 3/13 hosted jointly in both the NYC and SF IAB offices. The IAB Tech Lab Council – combining what were formally the Ad Ops and Ad Technology Councils – will kick off the first of four quarterly deep-dive conversations aligned with Tech Lab’s strategic focus areas.



Past Event Recordings

Event Title Date Recording Link Location Event Details
Ads.txt Across the Supply Chain: Business Perspectives Dec 13, 2017 VIEW WEBINAR Webinar via BlueJeans Ads.txt (Authorized Digital Sellers) is the first of its kind industry-wide initiative designed to combat fraud, that is a neutral, free-to-everyone, solve for transparency and inventory assurance. Thanks to ads.txt, every step of the supply chain is increasingly gaining common insight and understanding into legitimate (or otherwise, illegitimate) inventory. Hear from industry leaders like Centro, DataXu, Microsoft Casual Games, and Omnicom Media Group on how they have adopted and integrated ads.txt into their business models and workflows and the early impact ads.txt has had.
Troubleshooting Video Ads Webinar Oct 31, 2017 VIEW WEBINAR Webinar via BlueJeans If you have been involved with Video Advertising, you already know that there are a number of challenges in delivering video ads successfully. In this webinar, our speakers will go over a number of issues they have faced in the past, and will provide a deeper understanding of the VAST error codes as well as other video creative issues. We will also release a useful resource detailing common root causes for various VAST error codes that should help you debug video ad delivery issues.

Adam Piskin, Sr Manager, Video Technical Operations, Rubicon Project.
John Peragine, SVP, Head of Video, Rubicon Project.
Kayla Wilson, Head of Programmatic Partnerships, InMobi.
Ian Trider, Director, RTB Platform Operations, Centro.

Amit Shetty, Sr. Director of Product and R&D, IAB Tech Lab.

Rendez-Vouz with IAB New Ad Portfolio Oct 26, 2017 VIEW WEBINAR


Webinar via BlueJeans View the IAB Webinar: Rendez-Vous with the IAB New Ad Portfolio from October 2017 to help you transition to the flexible ad sizes and to LEAN ads. Presenters included Sam Lo from Flashtalking, Paul Vincent from Flexitive, Aaron Karp from Google, Matthew Snyder from Responsive Ads, and Anthony Yam from Spongecell.
Blockchain in Advertising: Introduction & Use Cases and Panel Discussion Oct 18, 2017 VIEW INTRODUCTION AND USE CASES


MetaX HQ, Santa Monica, CA The IAB Tech Lab provides an introduction to blockchain and its application to digital advertising. These recordings are from an event in Santa Monica, CA in October 2017, which started with Blockchain 101 and discussed use cases applicable to advertising business and supply chain followed by an expert discussion on challenges, opportunities and experience of applying blockchain technology to digital advertising.
VAST4 and Server Side Ad Insertion – Technology & Best Practices Webinar May 22, 2017 VIEW WEBINAR Webinar via BlueJeans Server Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) – also called Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) – is starting to become prevalent in video advertising. SSAI allows publishers to improve user experience, support more device types and is also considered as one of the answers to ad blocking. A number of features were included in VAST4 to better support SSAI. On this Webinar hosted by the IAB Tech Lab, domain experts from Google/DoubleClick and Ad-ID will discuss the standards, technology and best practices around using SSAI and VAST4. Speakers include: Sunil Gupta, Product manager, Google/DoubleClick, Harold Geller, Executive Director, Ad-ID, Abid Dar, Google and Amit Shetty, Sr. Director Product, IAB Tech Lab
IAB New Ad Portfolio: What, Why, & When October 26, 2016 VIEW WEBINAR Webinar In this Webinar, you will learn more about the IAB New Standard Ad Unit Portfolio that will be released in 2017. Visit for further information and to view examples. The Interactive Advertising Bureau released a complete overhaul of the IAB Standard Ad Unit Portfolio for public comment, updating its digital ad formats to adapt across screens, and to incorporate the LEAN Principles of Lightweight, Encrypted, AdChoice supported and Non-invasive advertising. Developed by the IAB Tech Lab, the revised portfolio is based on HTML5 technology and comprised of flexible display ads, mobile ads, video ads, native ads, also introducing guidelines for new content experiences such as virtual reality and social messaging ads.
HTML5 Platform Showcase August 2, 2016 VIEW WEBINAR Webinar As more and more networks and platforms transition to HTML5, operational efficiency for building and delivering ads is a priority for the industry. At the same time HTML5 poses challenges and opportunities for building better ads. HTML5 creative platforms can help advertisers build, optimize, and package the ads quickly and efficiently.