VAST Interactive Templates: Simplifying Interactivity Standards with VAST 4.1

By Michael Tuminello, Aron Schatz, Jesse Leikin VAST (Digital Video Ad Serving Template) and VPAID (Digital Video Player Ad Interface Definition), despite being old enough to pre-date the rise of mobile and over-the-top (OTT) advertising, have thus far resisted a wholesale update.  However, as detailed in the IAB Tech Lab’s […]

VAST 4.1 – Now With Audio Power!

By Jonathan Eccles and Jean-Luc Wasmer With the release of the latest version of the Digital Video Ad Serving Template, VAST 4.1, ad tech companies, servers, and publishers will finally be able to unify existing video ad specifications with the quickly growing digital audio ad market. The separate Digital Audio […]

OpenMedia specs, including OpenRTB 3.0 Finalized and Ready for Adoption

By Jennifer Derke Today, IAB Tech Lab’s OpenRTB working group announced that the much-anticipated OpenRTB 3.0, AdCOM 1.0, and Ad Management 1.0 specifications are finalized and ready for industry adoption. Ads.cert: Signed Bid Requests remains in beta for continued early implementations, and participation with the working group to work on […]

VAST 4.1 & Open Measurement – the long awaited video verification solution!

  By Jon Guarino and Phil Harris Digital Video Ad Standard Template (VAST) 4.0 represented an essential rethinking of third-party verification on video inventory. Previously, running measurement code was possible only through Video Player-Ad Interface Definition (VPAID) media files, which would necessarily obscure and delay the actual creative content. This […]

IAB Tech Lab Releases Final Version of VAST 4.1

By Amit Shetty The Digital Video Ad Serving Template Version 4.1 (VAST 4.1) was released for public comment on June 14th 2018, and received an unprecedented amount of feedback, reflecting the level of interest in this release of VAST. Following discussions in the Digital Video Working Group, we are now […]

Announcing a new working group to tackle industry issues: IAB Tech Lab’s “Programmatic Practices Task Force”

By Jennifer Derke The digital advertising industry is grappling with important questions about the programmatic supply chain. In an open ecosystem with significant proprietary technology, supply and demand partners may not know how each other’s platforms make decisions. Highlighted in recent trade press, unexpected practices or algorithmic behavior can have […]

What it means for a DSP to support Ads.txt

What it means for a DSP to support ads.txt – and why it’s important By now your DSP has probably said that they “support ads.txt”. But what does that actually mean, and should you care? The ads.txt specification aims to address counterfeit inventory by giving content owners and distributors a […]

A simple tool to help you achieve brand safety: the ads.txt aggregator

By Jennifer Derke The IAB Tech Lab ads.txt aggregator tool crawls the web, providing regular updates on brand safe inventory, so you can be sure you’re investing your money in the right places. Specifically, the Aggregator:   Eliminates ad fraud (specifically, misrepresented domains) by crawling the web – more than 2M […]

Cutting out misrepresented domains from your marketing campaign is a must. Here’s how.

By Jennifer Derke You wouldn’t buy a “Rolex” from a man on the street in a trench coat full of (likely counterfeit) watches, right? Then why buy ad inventory from unauthorized sellers? Ads.txt is a powerful resource to know which supply sources are trustworthy in selling publisher inventory. Sophisticated buyers […]

Updates from the Blockchain Working Group

By Shailley Singh We announced the formation of the Blockchain Working Group on September 18, 2017 under the leadership of Richard Bush, President, NYIAX, and Michael Palmer, Director, GroupM. This was followed by a live member event on October 18 at MetaX HQ in Santa Monica and a kick-off meeting […]