Ad Quality Issues Threaten Industry ROI, Not Just Publishers’

By Scott Moore Next time you’re waiting for a page to load on your favorite website, don’t curse the publisher. Blame the advertising industry. The content you’re waiting for is likely being held up by the ads that surround it. When banner ads are too large, or burdened with other […]

IAB Tech Lab Expanding in Japan

By Alanna Gombert We are excited about the IAB Tech Lab’s expansion in Japan. Japan is such an important market because of their focus on technology innovation, brand, and user experience as well as their content dominance and focus on story telling. We are thrilled to be working and sharing […]

IAB Tech Lab to Assume Governance of Mobile Verification Open-Source SDK Initiative Initiated by IAS, Marking First Acquisition for Tech Lab Tool Repository

By Alanna Gombert The IAB Tech Lab is assuming governance of a new technical tool for mobile in-app viewability measurement – the Mobile Verification Open-Source Software Development Kit (SDK) – originally conceived by Integral Ad Science (IAS). This marks the first acquisition for the IAB Tech Lab Tool Repository, which […]

Methbot, The Fight, The Future

By Alanna Gombert ● Yesterday IAB Tech Lab co-hosted a security briefing with the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) after we were made aware of a new and potentially very significant fraud threat to the digital advertising supply chain. White Ops contacted us to discuss a hack which they dubbed “Methbot”, due […]

Progress Update from IAB Tech Lab’s OpenData 1.0

By Jennifer Derke Since the launch of the OpenData Task Force at IAB Tech Lab earlier this year, we’ve gathered input for the technical needs of digital marketers for data management beyond the initial scope of the task force. Our primary mandate has been to make the process of merging […]

OpenVV Releases v2.5.5 with Intersection Observer Technology

    By James Reetzke At the Open Video Viewability project, we’re continually investigating new methods and APIs to make the library more robust and compatible in a variety of contexts. As browser vendors continue to move away from plugin based solutions for multimedia functionality that advertising technology has traditionally […]

IAB Tech Lab Releases OpenRTB 2.5 with Feature Updates for Current Programmatic Technology

By Jennifer Derke Since its inception, the OpenRTB (real time bidding) standard has drawn in participation from a developer community invested in advancing programmatic technologies across the digital advertising industry. OpenRTB 2.5 has been released for a 30-day open review period from November 16 until December 16, 2016. Bill Simmons, […]

How To Document.write a Better User Experience

    By Kenji Baheux Composability is one of the great powers of the web: imagine how hard it would be to build and run a website if it were not for the ability to easily integrate with services built by third parties! However, one of the downsides of composability, […]

Launching the IAB Tech Lab OpenData Task Force

By Jennifer Derke The IAB has outlined a number of business problems around data management for marketers. Digital marketers and buy side platforms are experiencing inefficiencies in data flow for analytics, challenges with nomenclature in ETL (Extract, Transform, Load), and seeing friction in data merging processes. As partners to the IAB’s […]

Ad Reinsertion: For Better or Worse?

      By Joe Barone “Ad reinsertion” happens when publishers use technology to serve ads to browsers that have an active ad blocking plug-in. It’s a new solution some publishers are considering to ensure delivery of ads to their sites’ visitors. GroupM is concerned by this opaque means of […]