IAB Tech Lab Announces Final Content Taxonomy v2 Ready for Adoption

Co-Authored by Taxonomy Working Group Co-Chairs Kevin Flood and Noel Agnew The final document of the IAB Tech Lab Content Taxonomy Version 2.0 was released today by the IAB Tech Lab, and is ready for adoption by the digital advertising industry. The Taxonomy and Mapping Working Group re-launched last year […]

Why A New Content Taxonomy?

By Alanna Gombert For a taxonomy to be useful to companies in the market, it must be standardized and industry-neutral so that any party can build on top of it if they want to get more granular or reference the IDs in order to map it to a different taxonomy. […]

Taxonomy: The Most Important Industry Initiative You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

By Melissa Gallo   Taxonomy is not a word that draws mass excitement. When I was first assigned the task of working to update the current IAB taxonomy, I was sent immediately back to high school chemistry class – not my strongest nor most enjoyed subject. So one might ask, […]