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IAB Tech Lab Finalizes Global Privacy Platform and Advises the Industry to Prepare for Updated US State-Level Signaling

We are excited to announce that the Global Privacy Platform (GPP) has been finalized and is ready for industry adoption. The finalization of the GPP would not have been possible without the collaborative efforts of the members of the Global Privacy Working Group and Privacy & Rearc Commit Group representing a cross-section of the ad ecosystem.  […]

IAB Tech Lab Promotes Two Executives to Drive the Industry Forward

As the ever-evolving digital advertising landscape addresses challenges while embracing new opportunities, IAB Tech Lab, the global digital advertising technical standards-setting body, today announced key promotions of Shailley Singh, Executive Vice President, Product, and Chief Operating Officer, and Jill Wittkopp, Vice President, Product.

Privacy Enhancing Technologies Evolution Series (Part 1)

This blog post highlights key takeaways from IAB Tech Lab’s event on March 24th, 2022, focusing on Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs). This session was the first of IAB Tech Lab’s planned three part ‘Privacy Enhancing Technologies Evolution Series’ and is available to watch on demand here. […]

Global Privacy Platform: Explained

As Project Rearc continues to move into its BUILD phase, the Global Privacy Platform (GPP) is next up for finalization. The Global Privacy Platform specification went into public comment in June with a 60-day public comment period. This has recently been extended for an additional two weeks to August 15th. […]

IAB and IAB Tech Lab Release Statement on U.S. Supreme Court’s Decision to Overturn Roe v. Wade

The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade permits states to significantly restrict women’s ability to support their families, make crucial healthcare choices, and continue to participate in the economy and society.  Furthermore, this ruling directly and disproportionately harms poor women and communities of color. […]

IAB Tech Lab Expands Open Measurement SDK to Connected TV

 IAB Tech Lab, the digital advertising technical standards-setting body, announced today that its Open Measurement SDK (OM SDK) will be made available on Connected TV (CTV) starting in Q3. One of the most widely adopted solutions from Tech Lab, OM SDK gives advertisers flexibility and choice in the verification solutions […]

Using Disclosures to Combat Fraud Collaboratively

At IAB Tech Lab we are continually working with the digital advertising industry to find ways to combat ad fraud. We believe that one key area for this effort is targeted collaboration in response to emerging ad fraud attacks. As we’ve seen in the past, there are diverse types of […]

Why the ‘OWNERDOMAIN’ & ‘MANAGERDOMAIN’ Fields are Important Additions to ads.txt

Since the advent of ads.txt in 2017, digital advertising on open platforms has become significantly more transparent. This transparency has allowed buyers to be more selective about what they buy, preserve inventory value for publishers by limiting spoofing or unauthorized resale, and reduced the amount of fraud in the ecosystem. […]

IAB Tech Lab Releases SHARC For Public Comment

Secure HTML Ad Rich-media Container (SHARC) Improves Managing Ad Interactions for Both Mobile and Web Environments  IAB Tech Lab releases a new initiative called SHARC which stands for Secure HTML Ad Rich-media Container. The release is open for public comment for a 30-day period until May 27, 2022.


OpenRTB 2.6 is the latest update to the industry’s standard communication protocol.  The recent additions to OpenRTB 2.6 are focused on connected TV and have been developed by IAB Tech Lab working closely with those involved in CTV auctions to design new specifications that allow publishers to present their inventory more […]