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Reviewing Unified ID 2.0 for Long Term Industry Value

Earlier this month, the Partnership for Responsible Addressable Media (“PRAM”) extended an invitation to the advertising and media industry to contribute code for collaborative development of addressability and accountability standards and solutions. Yesterday, The Trade Desk announced the first such contribution for consideration: the submission of Unified ID 2.0 (UID2) […]

Open Measurement for Web Video Arrives

The Open Measurement Software Development Kit (OM SDK) transformed the viewability measurement landscape in 2018 for mobile app measurement. It eliminated the need for multiple vendor integrations and standardized the process for ecosystem feedback. The Open Measurement Working Group (OMWG) was forward-thinking in its vision and anticipated that this mobile […]

IAB Tech Lab Expands Presence in APAC

NEW DELHI (December 3, 2020) – IAB Tech Lab (Tech Lab), the digital media and marketing industry’s global non-profit research, development, and technical standards-setting consortium, announced that Shivendra Misra has been appointed to represent the organization in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region (Southeast Asia, India, China, and Japan). As IAB Tech Lab’s APAC […]

IAB Tech Lab Releases Podcast Measurement Technical Guidelines 2.1 for Public Comment

IAB Tech Lab has released the Podcast Measurement Technical Guidelines 2.1 for public comment for a 30-day period which begins today and lasts until December 31, 2020. Podcast Measurement Technical Guidelines are standard metrics for both podcast content and podcast ads to provide marketplace clarity through a common language for […]

More Efficiency and Transparency for Your Video Ads with the SSAI VAST Macro Guidance

The Digital Video Ad Serving Template (VAST) macros are a powerful tool used for communicating a broad array of data points when delivering VAST ads.  When using Server Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) technology for ad delivery, there may be a lack of reliable client-side data, which ultimately makes the data […]

IAB & IAB Tech Lab Respond with Support for OpenRTB and IAB Europe’s Transparency & Consent Framework

In a report issued last week, the Inspection Service of the Belgian data protection authority (DPA) summarized concerns it has with the IAB Europe Transparency & Consent Framework (TCF). The Inspection Service has transferred the report to an internal adjudication unit that will deliberate over the coming months. The report […]

CTV Advertising Standards: IAB Tech Lab Standards & Guidance

The key to good ad experiences is being able to deliver the most relevant and engaging ads to the right people. The challenge of course is that this has to be done with end-user privacy in mind. While the “cookie-apocalypse” has been a major point of discussion in our industry […]

Companies Pledge to Work Together to Preserve Addressable Advertising with Privacy

 IAB Tech Lab Board Members Call on Industry to Support Open Standards NEW YORK — September 15, 2020– As the IAB Tech Lab’s REBOOT 2020 virtual summit kicks off today (and continues on the 16th and 17th), IAB Tech Lab Board members have committed to the principles of Project Rearc […]

IAB Tech Lab, Project Rearc, and the Partnership for Responsible Addressable Media

Leading trade associations and companies representing every sector of the global advertising industry, including IAB and IAB Tech Lab, have joined together to launch the Partnership for Responsible Addressable Media. The partnership is similarly focused on the future of addressability for our industry, and it will build on relevant work […]

SafeFrame 2.0: Safer, Simpler and More Advanced

The number of browsers and the technology that runs them has been advancing rapidly over the last few years. Ad tech has also seen a lot of advancement in technology, creativity, and services. All of this growth comes with added risk. For years, SafeFrame has offered rich ad interactions in […]