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IAB Tech Lab Unveils 2022 Product Roadmap and Announces Industry Working Groups Focused on Building a Stronger Digital Ecosystem

IAB Tech Lab CEO Anthony Katsur Lays Out Long-Term Priorities for Global Trade Body and Calls on the Industry to Help Build Solutions for Consumer Privacy, Addressability, Mitigating Fraud and Supporting Growth of Connected TV […]

Welcome Back OpenRTB 2.X

The newest version of the 2.x series of OpenRTB specification is closing it’s public comment soon, make sure to take a look!  We’ve all heard that Connected TV (CTV) is the new frontier in digital advertising. And that the monumental shift of linear television advertising budgets to CTV means that […]

Public Release of Ads.cert: Securing the CTV Supply Chain

In the decade I’ve worked in ad tech, I’ve witnessed a pattern: where the money goes, fraud follows. Right now, CTV is where the money’s going. It’s a programmatic environment […]

Transparency Center Evolves to Further Improve Supply Chain Safety

New features on ads.txt aggregator to better manage and ultimately monetize ad inventory. Since 2018, IAB Tech Lab has provided an aggregated database of the Sell Side Transparency Standards to the industry, enabling companies to filter for authorized digital sellers using the ads.txt, app-ads.txt, and sellers.json initiatives. While some companies […]

Tech Lab & Neutronian Partner to Accelerate Data Transparency and Quality Standards

IAB Tech Lab and Neutronian announced today that IAB Tech Lab’s Data Transparency Standard (DTS) Certification and Neutronian’s Quality Index (NQI) Certification can now be completed by data providers within a single integrated process. Additionally, the organizations announced that Neutronian’s NQI data quality methodology will now directly incorporate IAB Tech […]

First Companies Earn Seals of Compliance for Podcast Measurement Guidelines 2.1

In March 2021, IAB Tech Lab launched version 2.1 of the Podcast Measurement Technical Guidelines. The guidelines were developed to provide podcast producers and distributors a uniformed way to measure ads and content in podcast environments. Version 2.1 of the guidelines provide more clarity on common language and terminology used […]

Introducing IAB Tech Lab Programmatic Guides: First Guide for CTV

Find the standardized technology you need for executing on the media and campaign goals specific to your operations, and use these practical guides to facilitate your ad implementation. From driving efficient delivery of programmatic ads on connected TV (CTV), to addressing ad fraud and resolving fragmentation in user identity, the […]

IAB Tech Lab Aims to Increase Transparency Across Entire Advertising Supply Chain For New ID Usage

The Rearc Accountability Working Group Releases id-sources.json for Public Comment . As the advertising ecosystem readies itself for a post-cookie world, it is not readily clear which companies are adopting the various new user ID solutions. To help increase transparency around ID solution usage, IAB Tech Lab, the digital advertising technical […]

IAB Tech Lab Announces ads.cert 2.0 Authentication Protocols to Combat Ad Fraud Across the Digital Advertising Ecosystem

Adds Level of Security Across Various Aspects of Omnichannel Advertising for Buyers and Sellers, including SSAI for CTV Ads | Now Available for Public Comment until October 30th | IAB Tech Lab announced ads.cert 2.0, a standard introduced to enhance security in the digital advertising ecosystem by using industry-standard cryptographic […]

GARM Brand Suitability: Developing a Collaborative Interpretation of the Standard

In recent years, brands are becoming increasingly interested in understanding the types of content their ads run in front of. This is especially true today, when many brands and agencies view aligning with suitable content as not just a ‘nice to have’, but also as part of their corporate responsibility. […]