European Communication Groups

WELCOME to the European Communication Groups. With the European Communication Groups, IAB Tech Lab informs the EU/ UK markets regularly on the latest progress of Tech Lab working groups and other activities. These groups are relevant for anybody who wishes to be kept up to date on Tech Lab’s collaborative efforts to create open standards for the industry. With this form of communication, the IAB Tech Lab wants to create more transparency in its work and promote a better exchange with European stakeholders. Every IAB, IAB Europe and IAB Tech Lab Member is invited to join.


The content of the Communication Groups is closely coordinated with the Product Owners of the IAB Tech Lab and is based on the latest results of the Working Groups. We are bundling the topics that currently have the highest relevance for the European market under 3 groups:

  • Audio & Video: Discussion topics, e.g.: technical standards for video and CTV/OTT advertising; podcast measurement
  • Brand Safety & Ad FraudDiscussion topics, e.g.: transparency in programmatic; ads.txt & apps-ads.txt; Content Taxonomy 2.2; OpenRTB

— and all of this happens at European times, since the communication groups are being executed digitally by vonwerschpartner Digital Strategies, based in Hamburg, Germany, on behalf of IAB Tech Lab.

Sounds good? Then register yourself (along with your potential colleagues) at: Please specify which group(s) you’d like to join otherwise you will automatically be registered for all three groups.

News for the European Region

Call for Feedback

For standards to be successful and globally adoptable, we need input from various market participants from different countries, confronted by unique challenges.…this is where we need your help! Please contact us for any type of feedback, questions, or suggestions (scroll to the bottom for contact details).

IAB Tech Lab Proposals: Standards for Responsible Addressability and Predictable Privacy

With the loss of third-party cookies across all browsers, and with imminent changes to mobile ad IDs, IAB Tech Lab has been collaborating with the ad and media industry to develop privacy-preserving specifications and best practices to support the development of open-source and proprietary solutions. Tech Lab has released 4 initial specifications and best practices to support re-architecting digital media for addressability, accountability and privacy. These are now for public comment.

Call for action

Please read the proposals, ask questions, challenge us, suggest adaptations. We’re happy about any type of feedback.

Content Taxonomy: Adding a European Viewpoint

The IAB Content Taxonomy provides a “common language” that can be used when describing content. Typical uses of the content taxonomy are contextual targeting and brand safety. Version 2.2was released after public comment in December 2020. However, in order to be applicable on a global scale, we believe that the taxonomy should be further adapted according to European needs.

Call for action

Please reach out if you’d like to be involved in the discussions around a more European view on Content Taxonomy. Any input helps.

Contact Details: 

Upcoming Events for the European Market: 

May 12 @ 3:00 Pm – 4:00 pm CET – Deep Dive CTV: IAB Tech Lab European Communication Group “Audio & Video”
we are looking forward to welcoming you to our next IAB Tech Lab European Communication Group Audio & Video. This time we will focus on CTV: 

  • Updates from IAB Tech Lab Working Groups around CTV
  • Deep Dives
    • How will OM for CTV work?
    • Content Taxonomy updates to support common TV/Movie genres
  • Implementation Guide for CTV
  • Panel Discussion: European Ad Tech Companys in CTV; Why do we need Standards for measurement; future role of CTV in digital media

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