HTML5 Ad Validator

HTML5 ads are like a mini web pages. It requires more work and analysis than just file weight to determine if the ad follows IAB guidelines and if it is optimized for performance. The Ad validator is a one stop resource for analyzing the ad creative for guidance as well as performance.

Designers, developers, and ad operations can use the HTML5 Ad Validator to analyze the ad creative for all aspects of IAB Display Creative Guidelines.

HTML5 Ad Validator


Ad validation before serving the ad can play a very important role in ensuring adherence to guidelines. This tool helps accelerate the adoption of HTML5 by publishers, advertisers, and creative developers.

Publishers can use the HTML5 Ad Validator for certifying vendors.

Ad operations teams can standardize IAB Display Guidelines compliance using the HTML5 Ad Validator.

Designers and developers can validate their ad creative for IAB Display Guidelines and be assured that it will be accepted across publishers.

Key Features

HTML5 Ad validator is designed to take multiple inputs for validating ads:

  • Zipped files of all ad assets
  • Ad Tags: Typically JS tags delivered by 3rd-party ad servers or rich media ad servers

The HTML5 Ad validator will analyze ad creatives for the following:

  • File weights: Both initial load and sub-load
  • Sub-load criteria: Did the ad comply with host initiated sub-load criteria of 1 second after dom content loaded event?
  • Number of HTTP file requests
  • Track video files used and their file weight
  • Shared libraries used in the ad

In addition, it will analyze and show more data about the creative that is relevant to help ad designers and developers understand and optimize their creative for:

  • File types in the ad
  • Breakdown of file types by weight
  • All URLs accessed by the ad
  • Ad snapshots of how the ad displayed at different time intervals
  • Click tags used
  • CPU Usage

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The HTML5 Ad Validator was developed by the IAB Tech Lab team.

The following working groups will guide the roadmap for the HTML5 Ad Validator: