ads.txt aggregator

IAB Tech Lab is now offering access to an aggregation of ads.txt files published around the internet.  

What is it?

  • The ads.txt aggregation is the result of regular internet-wide crawls of ads.txt files. We do our best to crawl all domains, currently crawling over 2 million domains with ads.txt files.
  • The aggregation is provided as a wholesale replacement to managing your own crawler. You may choose to use IAB Tech Lab’s aggregation to supplement your own research.
  • API Access is available to subscribers.

How much is it?

  • The aggregation is available to IAB Tech Lab members for an annual fee of $5,000, and to non-members for an annual fee of $10,000. 
  • Subscription to the aggregation tool is for 1 year starting on the Effective date, and will automatically renew for the next year.
  • We provide access within 48 hours of receiving a signed data subscription agreement. Invoice is Net 30.  More details available in the terms below.


  1. Fill out and sign the data subscription agreement. Please note that we do not accept redlines to these agreements as the terms are not negotiable.
  2. Register at to access the IAB Tech Lab Tools Portal.
  3. Once registered please email stating you have registered for the tools portal and would like to be invoiced/gain additional access the ads.txt aggregator. Please provide your name and the account email you used to register, along with your Accounts Payable contact/email for the invoice and the signed data subscription agreement.
  4. IAB Tech Lab will, in turn, invoice you and grant access. Access will be revoked after 30 days if payment has not been received.
  5. ads.txt aggregated .csv files are available to download from  You can also access the files via API.

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