Global Partners

IAB Tech Lab produces standards, technology, and services that serve the global ad tech community. Supporting efforts that enhance Tech Lab’s global reach is the partnerships we maintain with international IAB bodies.

Communication Groups

IAB Tech Lab collaborates regularly with the following organizations:

Tech Lab has a physical presence within these groups and communicates closely with them on at least a monthly basis. Information on upcoming events, new standards or updates, guidance, and any developing issues are shared and subsequently communicated to interested regional groups.

International IAB Membership Partners

The following IAB organizations have a shared membership agreement with IAB Tech Lab:

International IAB Members

The following IAB organizations are members of IAB Tech Lab:

IAB Argentina
IAB Austria
IAB Belarus
IAB Brazil
IAB Bulgaria
IAB Chile
IAB China
IAB Colombia
IAB Croatia
IAB Denmark
IAB Europe
IAB Finland
IAB Germany
IAB Greece
IAB Hong Kong
IAB Ireland
IAB Italy
IAB Japan
IAB Mexico
IAB Netherlands
IAB New Zealand
IAB Norway
IAB Peru
IAB Poland
IAB Portugal
IAB Romania
IAB Russia
IAB Serbia
IAB Singapore
IAB Slovakia
IAB Slovenia
IAB South Africa
IAB Spain
IAB Sweden
IAB Turkey
IAB Ukraine
IAB Uruguay