Working Groups

IAB Tech Lab Council

The IAB Tech Lab Council aims to meet 1-2x/year to provide updates and facilitate discussions on a specific strategic focus area. Each meeting includes information about recent releases and opportunities for further engagement in the relevant area, along with important news and calls-to-action for Tech Lab initiatives more broadly. This groups serves as a great way to receive high level updates on the Tech Lab via email, and to dive deeper into specific focus areas quarterly.

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Working Groups

All IAB Tech Lab working groups are subject to our Working Group Rules & Procedures, click here to find out more.

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Global Privacy Working Group

IAB Tech Lab’s Global Privacy Working Group will streamline technical privacy standards into a singular schema and set of tools which can adapt to regulatory and commercial market demands across channels. This group is open to members with technical expertise interested in contributing to development of industry privacy and data protection standards. This working group looks to the IAB Privacy Lab, local IABs and other relevant voices for policy requirements. This group will build on the foundations and experience of IAB Tech Lab’s GDPR and CCPA Technical Working Groups. It will support the existing work and markets of those groups while expanding to cover new markets and channels.

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Privacy & Rearc Commit Group

The Privacy & Rearc Commit Group oversees the work streams, technology standards and guidelines for the converging areas of global privacy, identity and regulatory compliance.

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Rearc Accountability Working Group

With impending changes to third-party cookies and other identifiers, Project Rearc is a global call-to-action for stakeholders across the digital supply chain to re-think and re-architect digital marketing to support core industry use cases, while balancing consumer privacy and personalization. The Rearc Accountability Working Group explores technical mechanisms that facilitate industry accountability to privacy-centric addressability standards and adherence to consumers’ privacy preferences. This work is based on feedback from both inside and outside our industry that accountability at the system level is a critical component to re-establish consumer trust, enable responsible use of consumer identifiers and personal data for advertising purposes, and establish stability and mitigate legislative pressure.

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Addressability & PETS

Data Transparency Standards Working Group

The Data Transparency Standards Working Group is focused on developing a point of view and practical guidance intended to make data quality consistently understandable among buyers, sellers, and vendors. Quality in this sense is defined as data that accurately assigns demographic, geographic, or behavioral
attributes to an identified user.

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Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs) Working Group

As the momentum and drive for a privacy-first internet deepens and quickens, it is increasingly important for the digital advertising industry to stay ahead of the curve. The future of our industry depends upon the functions and processes for digital advertising to coexist with consumer privacy. In 2022, Tech Lab is investing heavily into the development of Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs) as the foundation for a sustainable, privacy safe future for our industry.

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Rearc Addressability Working Group

With impending changes to third-party cookies and other identifiers, Project Rearc is a global call-to-action for stakeholders across the digital supply chain to re-think and re-architect digital marketing to support core industry use cases, while balancing consumer privacy and personalization. The Rearc Addressability Working Group is the member-only working group responsible for the development of new technical standards and guidelines driving “privacy by default” advertising, based on the global business and policy dialogue within the Rearc Task Force. We’ll evaluate technology alternatives to today’s short-lived addressability mechanisms, and develop the technology foundations for tomorrow’s consumer-centric solutions for ad targeting, measurement and optimization, enhancing consumer transparency and industry accountability.

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Taxonomy & Mapping Working Group

The IAB Taxonomy and Mapping Work Group will initially only work on updating IAB Tech Lab Content Taxonomy, and will address the need for future taxonomies under IAB as they are identified. This group seeks participants who are experts in content classification and standard id mapping technology. Examples of suggested participants fall within the following business units: Analytics and Reporting, Product Management, Business Operations, Systems Architecture.

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Advanced Television

Advanced TV Technical Working Group

The mission for the Advanced TV Technical Working group is to define requirements and build standards that enable quality ad experiences across all TV environments for the user while enabling seamless technical operations that scale in delivery and measurement for the businesses that buy and sell TV inventory.

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Advanced TV Commit Group

As technical leaders in the TV space, members of this group focus on defining requirements for, development of, and implementation of needed software and guidance designed to advance the five (5) objectives of Tech Lab’s Advanced TV initiative, which are as follows:

  • Interoperability for frame-accurate ad delivery and ad break management to ensure consistent cross platform ad break and ad slots signaling.
  • Universal addressability and reconciliation for audience measurement for all types of tv viewership.
  • Full audibility for advertising campaigns delivery
  • Ad measurement for delivery and client-side viewability verification on the TV
  • Omnichannel sales management for programmatic buying and selling of upfronts as well as spot buys

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Supply Chain & Foundations

Ad Product Portfolio Working Group

The Ad Product Portfolio working group is focused on two major initiatives.
One is to define New Ad Portfolio recommendations based on responsive and
flexible aspect ration based Ad units that can scale across multiple devices
sizes as well as integrate much better with responsive designs being adopted by
the publishers. Second is to implement LEAN principles in ad formats and ad
functionality for a better and faster performing user experience.

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Programmatic Supply Chain Working Group

The Programmatic Supply Chain Working Group is currently focused on the adoption of OpenRTB 3.0 and continued progress combating supply chain vulnerabilities.  This group also covers efforts like ads.txt, sellers.json, etc.  

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Programmatic Supply Chain Commit Group

The Programmatic Supply Chain Commit Group is comprised of leaders in this working group who provide technical direction in the development of the programmatic specs.

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Safe Ad Container Working Group

This group’s mission is to define, develop, and support an API for managing rich ad interactions in a safe web container that can serve to both mobile and web environments and also supports header bidding.

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Security Foundations Working Group

This group’s mission is to provide an open standard cryptographic security foundation for the programmatic advertising ecosystem

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Sustainability Working Group

This group’s mission is focused on lowering the carbon emissions caused by programmatic advertising through quantified best practices in addition to new or updated technical specifications

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Open Measurement Working Group

The objective of this working group is to develop an Open Measurement SDK designed to facilitate third party viewability and verification measurement for ads served to mobile app environments without requiring multiple verification vendor SDKs

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Open Measurement Commit Group

Open Measurement Working Group (OMWG) mission is to develop and an interface and open source implementation providing code for common and independent measurement of advertising metrics like viewability and data for determining invalid traffic. The commit group is a select group of member companies who will be responsible for managing the strategic and technical scope, administration of the associated working groups and managing the software development as laid out in the participation agreement.

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