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Ad Products

IAB Tech Lab Council

The IAB Tech Lab Council aims to meet quarterly to provide updates and facilitate discussions on a specific strategic focus area. Each meeting includes information about recent releases and opportunities for further engagement in the relevant area, along with important news and calls-to-action for Tech Lab initiatives more broadly. This groups serves as a great way to receive high level updates on the Tech Lab via email, and to dive deeper into specific focus areas quarterly.

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Ad Product Portfolio Working Group

The Ad Product Portfolio working group is focused on two major initiatives. One is to define New Ad Portfolio recommendations based on responsive and flexible aspect ration based Ad units that can scale across multiple devices sizes as well as integrate much better with responsive designs being adopted by the publishers. Second is to implement LEAN principles in ad formats and ad functionality for a better and faster performing user experience.

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Dynamic Content Ad Standards Working Group

A newly formed work group formed to develop the specifications for developing a standard language for ad creative layout that will enable easy assembly of creative elements in real time and also tracking for optimization and reporting.

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Ad Tech

Blockchain Working Group

The goal of the Blockchain Working Group is to investigate the application of blockchain technology to address challenges in the digital advertising space and to develop standards and best practices for the utilization of blockchain technology.

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IAB Tech Lab GDPR Technical Working Group

The IAB Tech Lab GDPR Technical Working Group’s mission is to share information on GDPR/ePrivacy and engage technical leaders in contributing to related solutions. The working group will draw on policy and regulatory analysis and guidance from IAB Europe and others in the global IAB network to develop and support technology and tools to facilitate legal compliance and self-regulation for the industry. The working group will also share information such as emerging technical requirements, tools, services, and research that can help companies comply with GDPR. Participation in the working group should not suffice as legal counsel.

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The GDPR Mobile Technical Sub-group

The GDPR Mobile Technical Sub-group will work on mobile in-app solutions for the GDPR Transparency Framework.

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LEAN, DEAL, & Experiences Working Group

The LEAN, DEAL, & Experiences Working Group is working on developing guidance and programs that promote the LEAN principles, support publisher conversation with their audiences about advertising, and enable meaningful consideration of advertising impact on experience.

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OpenData Task Force

The goal of the OpenData Task Force is to develop technical solutions for data strategy challenges in the digital advertising industry; reducing friction by addressing data description, data structure, and data integrity. This task force will reduce friction in ETL processes for buy-side by addressing data field nomenclature normalization. Suggested participants in this Task Force have technical roles in product management, engineering, or software development and are coming together from agencies/advertisers, DSPs, programmatic exchanges, data infrastructure platforms, cross-infrastructure/analytics companies, billing/reconciliation tech, verification tech, DMPs, and other cross-industry technology companies

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SafeFrame Implementation Working Group

The SafeFrame Implementation Working Group will focus on addressing operational challenges and hurdles related to SafeFrame adoption. The base technology is out there and some early adopters have it already working in production environments. Others are testing, and more than a few big companies have it firmly on their product road maps for release later this year. More work will be defined and undertaken in Q1-Q2 2016.

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Taxonomy & Mapping Working Group

The IAB Taxonomy and Mapping Work Group will initially only work on updating IAB Tech Lab Content Taxonomy, and will address the need for future taxonomies under IAB as they are identified. This group seeks participants who are experts in content classification and standard id mapping technology. Examples of suggested participants fall within the following business units: Analytics and Reporting, Product Management, Business Operations, Systems Architecture.

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Audio & Video

Digital Video Technical Standards Working Group

This working group owns the advancement of the IAB’s video-focused technical specs, which are VAST, VPAID, and VMAP. The current area of focus for the DV Technical Standards Working Group is an update to VPAID to match the changes in VAST4, as well as a minor update to VAST4.
Suggested participants should have a video focus, or interest in video technology and ad operations. CTOs, Heads of Product, Developers, Directors/VPs of Engineering, Directors/VPs of Product, Product Managers, Platform/Product Architects and Technical Leads are ideal titles.

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OpenVV Working Group

OpenVV is an open-source technology for measuring ad viewability that is aligned with commonly agreed upon industry standards. OpenVV has been recently on-boarded by the IAB Tech Lab for continued maintenance and code hosting within its GitHub Repository. This group is a subgroup of the Digital Video Technical Standards Work Group, developments of this subgroup will either align or roll into the primary Digital Video Technical Standards Working Group process for finalization.

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OTT Technical Working Group

This working group will focus on technical standards for advertising in the OTT space. This will include topics like an Identifier for Advertising (IFA), Interactivity standards, Verification standards etc., for OTT devices.

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Podcast Technical Working Group

This working group is developing Podcast Measurement Guidelines that will address podcast content and advertising methods specific to both download and streaming podcasts. Current participants include Heads of Product, Directors/VPs of Engineering, Technical Leads, and Analytics and Reporting Leads.

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Video Tools & Best Practices Subgroup

This is a subgroup of the Digital Video Technical Standards Working Group. Members contribute to tools (sample code, testing tools, etc) as well as develop best practices content that help use the technical video standards. Examples of the work this group is currently working on are a VAST & VPAID video player showcase, and a deeper analysis of the VAST error codes and their common root causes.

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Mobile Rich Media Ad Interface Definitions (MRAID) Working Group

MRAID, or “Mobile Rich Media Ad Interface Definitions” working group is responsible for developing, enhancing and maintaining the project to define a common API (Application Programming Interface) for mobile rich media ads that will run in mobile apps. This is a standardized set of commands, designed to work with HTML5 and JavaScript, that developers creating rich media ads use to communicate what those ads do (expand, resize, get access to device functionalities such as the accelerometer, etc) with the apps into which they are being served. MRAID offers a single API that diverse SDK vendors will support, which means that MRAID-compliant rich media ads will run within applications using any MRAID-compliant SDK.

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MRAID Ads SDK Tester Working Group

As more mobile trafficking moves to programmatic exchanges, qualifying inventory with different SDK will be critical.The MRAID Ads SDK Tester Working Group is responsible for developing and maintaining iOS and Android mobile apps that will enable testing of creative ad tag against multiple Ad SDKs in minutes. This will allow DSPs to qualify rich media supply, creative developer to quickly test their creative.

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Open Measurement Working Group

The objective of this working group is to develop an Open Measurement SDK designed to facilitate third party viewability and verification measurement for ads served to mobile app environments without requiring multiple verification vendor SDKs

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Data Transparency Standards Working Group

The Data Transparency Standards Working Group is focused on developing a point of view and practical guidance intended to make data quality consistently understandable among buyers, sellers, and vendors. Quality in this sense is defined as data that accurately assigns demographic, geographic, or behavioral attributes to an identified user.

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Identity Standards Working Group

The Identity Standards Working Group is focused on developing best practices and formal standards related to user-level, cross-device mapping. Understanding the central role of identity in audience segmentation, measurement, attribution, and more, this group seeks to improve consistency and transparency of identity resolution and management, by addressing identity data currencies, data provenance, relationships between data sources and degrees of persistence, and consumer privacy.

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OpenDirect Working Group

The OpenDirect effort is currently focused on continued updates to the OpenDirect API protocol. This is a highly technical working group. Suggested participants include Developers, Heads of Engineering, Product Owners, and other Technical Leads with automated guaranteed buying and selling experience.

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OpenRTB Working Group

The OpenRTB effort is currently focused on continued updates to the OpenRTB protocol. This is a highly technical working group. Suggested participants include Developers, Heads of Engineering, Product Owners, and other Technical Leads.

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OpenRTB Commit Group

The OpenRTB Commit Group is comprised of leaders in this working group who provide technical direction in the development of the OpenRTB specification.

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OpenRTB Native Working Group

The OpenRTB Native Subgroup effort is currently focused on continued updates to the Dynamic Native Ads API and the OpenRTB protocol with a focus on Native.This is a highly technical working group. Suggested participants include Developers, Heads of Engineering, Product Owners, and other Technical Leads with expertise in native advertising.

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