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IAB Tech Lab Compliance: How It Works


Why Should Your Company Become IAB Tech Lab Compliant?

The IAB Compliance Programs allow companies to earn credibility for adhering to a set of global industry technical standards in digital advertising and marketing supply chain.

An IAB Tech Lab Compliance Seal helps establish trust, transparency, and reduces operational costs. Becoming an IAB Tech Lab Compliant partner means that you and your partners will have more confidence that there is consistency, upfront transparency, efficiencies and compatibility for integration. It’s also educational because new companies who are onboarding protocol frameworks can be more efficient in their first integrations following a pre-check list.

Your company will receive an IAB Tech Lab Compliance Seal that can be used on all marketing materials, displayed on your website, and included in your T&Cs. In addition, the IAB Tech Lab will feature your company on our Technology Compliant Companies page with a link to your integration guidelines.

What programs are available?


The IAB Tech Lab Measurement Compliance Program is offered to companies based around the world. The program is designed to empower small to medium-size measurement platforms, first and third-party ad servers, which have been in operations for at least six months and support the IAB measurement guidelines, and whose main business model is to measure digital campaign performance data across desktop, mobile, and video for agencies, brands, and marketers.

The compliance program is flexible and can be tailored to local requirements. By working closely with the national IAB organizations, and understanding market differentiators, we define audit controls that set the bar for the industry every year. Companies who have been successfully audited can showcase their compliance as a competitive advantage in their local markets, and it can also help them drive their long-term expansion strategies into neighboring markets.

Podcast Measurement

The IAB Tech Lab Podcast Measurement Compliance Program ensures companies are tracking ad delivery in a podcast for audience measurement.


The IAB Tech Lab Seal of Compliance for Measurement includes the metrics listed below:

  • Measurement
    • Display (Impressions, Clicks, Viewability)
    • Video (Impressions, Clicks, Viewability)
    • Mobile Web (Impressions, Clicks, Viewability)
    • Mobile Inapp (Impressions, Clicks, Viewability)
  • Podcast
    • Download, Listener, Ad Delivery, Ad Play


The IAB Tech Lab Protocols Compliance programs validate the successful integration of IAB Tech Lab protocols.  The protocols include: OpenRTB (Real-Time Bidding), VAST (Digital Video Ad Serving Template), VPAID (Video Player Ad Interface Definition), MRAID (Mobile Rich Media Ad Interface Definitions), and OMSDK (Open Measurement SDK).

For more information on OM SDK, please visit the OM SDK FAQ or complete the OM SDK Intake Form.


The IAB Tech Lab Seal of Compliance for Protocols includes the metrics listed below:

    • VAST/VPAID Version
  • OM SDK
    • App Version
    • OM SDK Version
    • Ad Format (Display, Native, Video)
  • OpenRTB
    • OpenRTB Version
    • MRAID Version

Benefits of Compliance Programs

Becoming an IAB Tech Lab Compliant partner means you’ve joined an elite group of industry leaders who share common goals including:

  • Drive efficiency in our complex ecosystem
  • Influence the growth of standards which directly align with cost saving, effectively increasing your bottom line
  • Spend more time on advancing platforms when selecting partners who are compliant
  • Use your IAB Tech Lab Compliance Seal as proof that you are compliant and expect the same from your partners

Additional Benefits

  • Reduced friction in the supply chain
  • Easier onboarding of new partners
  • Fast upgrade to new protocol versions
  • Common framework—established, verified, and validated—that allows companies to innovate
  • Improved adaptability, accuracy, uniformity, and scale


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