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OpenDirect Delivers Simplicity Through Powerful Industry Standards

    By Vasil Remeniuk The traditional Insertion Order (IO) process has been exceedingly tedious, resulting in inordinate amounts of wasted time, back and forth, as well as efficiency issues with dropped orders and a lack of transparency. This has given way to Automated Guaranteed, which seeks to apply automation […]

Taxonomy: The Most Important Industry Initiative You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

By Melissa Gallo   Taxonomy is not a word that draws mass excitement. When I was first assigned the task of working to update the current IAB taxonomy, I was sent immediately back to high school chemistry class – not my strongest nor most enjoyed subject. So one might ask, […]

Ad Reinsertion: For Better or Worse?

      By Joe Barone “Ad reinsertion” happens when publishers use technology to serve ads to browsers that have an active ad blocking plug-in. It’s a new solution some publishers are considering to ensure delivery of ads to their sites’ visitors. GroupM is concerned by this opaque means of […]

How LEAN Can You Get? A Scale and a Score Will Tell You

By Brendan Riordan-Butterworth Framing Six months ago, the IAB Tech Lab released the LEAN Principles.  These were a product of research and discussion with thought leaders who championed a clear path to better user experience in advertising-supported digital media – a must in a world where too many consumers were […]

Spring Forward to HTML5

By Shailley Singh Last year, I wrote about the Age of HTML5 Ads where I outlined IAB Tech Lab’s initiatives to support the industry transition to HTML5 creative. Since then more announcements from ad networks and ad tech companies have made it necessary for us to move even quicker to […]

Adopting Encryption: The Need for HTTPS

By Brendan Riordan-Butterworth It’s time to talk about security. In fact, last year was the time to talk about security. From The New York Times to Google, the call went out for websites to encrypt communications with their users, protecting the integrity and privacy of information exchanged in both directions. […]

The IAB Tech Lab Releases Updates To Three Programmatic Protocols

By Melissa Gallo The IAB Tech Lab is thrilled to announce updates to three industry shaping programmatic protocols. Programmatic has been the buzz word in the advertising industry and U.S. programmatic digital display ad spending alone is expected to reach $20 billion this year, according to eMarketer. The development of […]

IAB Tech Lab Releases Two Major Updates to OpenRTB

By Melissa Gallo Ensuring that technical standards keep up with the shifting programmatic buying landscape, the IAB Tech Lab is releasing two important updates for public comment: the OpenRTB 2.4 protocol and the OpenRTB Dynamic Native Ads 1.1 extension. The 2.4 version of OpenRTB offers a myriad of improvements including […]

VAST 4.0 Arrives, Championing the Technology Behind the Growth of Digital Video Advertising

By Amit Shetty Over the last few years, digital video has been in hyper growth mode, with a projected 80% of all internet traffic expected to be video by 2018. This is because of improvements in video technology, wider viewing device options, and an increase in content made available online […]

OpenDirect 1.5 Released for Public Comment

By Melissa Gallo Today the IAB Tech Lab is pleased to announce the release of OpenDirect 1.5 for public comment. OpenDirect 1.5 marks the first update to the 1.0 version which was released earlier this year. This revision offers a multitude of improvements to the open API for automated guaranteed […]