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Privacy Enhancing Technologies Evolution Series (PETs)

March 24, 2022 @ 1:00 PM - 3:30 PM EDT

As the momentum and drive for a privacy first internet deepens and quickens, it is increasingly important for the digital advertising industry to stay ahead of the curve. Enter Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs), the future of our industry to enable the functions and processes we rely upon for digital advertising, with limited dependency on personally identifiable data; and in 2022, Tech Lab is investing heavily into the development of such technologies as the foundations of a sustainable privacy safe future for our industry.

The ‘Privacy Enhancing Technologies Evolution Series’ is a three-part series that aims to bring the industry along in these conversations by providing on-going education on insights into emerging technologies and developments in this space.

Our first event in March focused on the following topic tracks:

  • What are Privacy Enhancing Technologies?
  • Why are they important for the sustainability of an ad funded internet
  • Practical advertising use cases of today and in the future?




1:00 PM IAB Tech Lab Introduction
1:05 PM Keynote: What are Privacy Enhancing Technologies?

This session will cover PETs 101 and answer questions about what they are, what type of technologies and methods are used for privacy enhancing environments and what are the core principles driving PETs application. The session will explain by way of example advertising use case.

1:30 PM Q&A
1:35 PM PETs: A Sustainable Privacy-Centric Future

As the digital marketing industry pivots toward a cookieless, privacy-first future, businesses are looking for safe, compliant, and trustworthy solutions. As a result, the industry is turning their focus to privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs) to support all disciplines within the digital advertising, while ensuring consumer privacy choices are respected. Ethan Sailers, OneTrust Solutions Engineering Manager, will shed light on the importance of PETs in the worlds of advertising & privacy program management. 

1:40 PM PET Applications in other Industries

PETs are new to advertising technology but they have been used in other industries and applications like health care, financial services and government- the 2020 Census uses PETs when sharing the data.

2:00 PM Fireside chat: How to evaluate PETS- key considerations and criteria to determine application of PETs to use cases

PETs are a new class of technologies encompassing cryptography for security and differential privacy that scrambles the data and adds levels of noise. It is necessary to understand where and how PETS should be applied. This session will cover criteria to evaluate and determine if PETS is the right technology for a particular use case.

2:20 PM Q&A
2:25 PM Panel: Practical Advertising Use Cases of Today and in the Future

What are the advertising use cases where PETs can readily be applied? This set of expert speakers will explore different use cases and identify low hanging fruits for application of PETs. It will also explore how PETs are deployed, what are the different components needed for a particular use case and touch upon on device vs. server side, differential privacy, secure multi party compute and implications on outcomes for different use cases.

2:55 PM Q&A
3:00 PM Panel: Are Clean Rooms Privacy Enhancing Technology?

Clean rooms are areas where data can be matched and compared for various personalized ads initiatives.  Whether a company wants to use that matched data to gain insight into how their consumers interact with products or services of another company, or build a more comprehensive consumer profile, clean rooms often provide that solution.  Often times, clean rooms have built in privacy controls such as data masking, tokenization or hashing and policy-enforced data deletion of source data. Some key questions emerge: Are clean rooms PETS?  Or are clean rooms adopters of PETs? Can there be privacy invasive clean rooms?  Or are clean rooms privacy protective by default?  The panel will discuss these central privacy themes around clean rooms and PETs.

3:30 PM Q&A
3:35 PM Closing Comments


Additional events in this series will be:

We are still accepting speaker and sponsorship applications for the September and December events. If you’d like to be involved, please reach out to: events@iabtechlab.com