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Supply Chain Validation

Since 2017, we’ve seen the success of the ads.txt, app-ads.txt, and sellers.json specifications as means to increase transparency in the programmatic supply chain. These widely adopted standards help buyers verify that they are purchasing inventory from authorized sellers. As the advertising industry becomes more dependent on these standards to filter inventory from non-authorized sellers, it’s more critical than ever that all parties adhere to the specified formats. Here is how you can maintain accuracy and validity of your ads.txt files to improve supply chain transparency. 

The Challenge: Validating Your Authorized Sellers

With buying platforms using the output produced by these standards in real time bidding systems, proper implementation and constant programmatic validation is needed.

Without validation:

  • Incorrect or missing entries can mean missed revenue or opportunity for unauthorized sale of your inventory

  • Publishers need to be aware of how selling partners are representing them in their sellers.json files

The Solution: Regular Automated Validation

As part of IAB Tech Lab’s Transparency Center initiative, we’ve developed a new service: Supply Chain Validation. This service will not just verify that your ads.txt and/or app-ads.txt file adheres to the technical specifications, but will also alert you to inconsistencies between your file and the sellers.json file. You’ll be able to check one place to see how your selling partners are representing the relationship.
This validation service offers the following benefits:

  • Weekly validation of ads.txt and app-ads.txt files against sellers.json with a standard set of test cases

  • Email notifications alerting you to inconsistencies or areas that need further investigation

  • Publication of validated results to help buyers gain confidence in authorized supply paths

Next Step: IAB Tech Lab Supply Chain Validation

Sign-up now for this new Supply Chain Validation service: Easy process and minimal annual fee* at $99 per domain (*or even less: ask your selling partner for a discount code). 

Please check the service guidelines doc with detailed test cases here.