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VAST Tag Validator

A VAST Tag is an XML that represent a video ad. The VAST Tag Validator is a tool that allows developers and ad operations to test and validate their VAST XML.

This tool (along with the linked XSDs and sample VAST Tags) are intended to help developers and ad operations to get they VAST implementations right.

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VAST Versions Supported

2.0, 3.0 and 4.1 (new!)

Use Cases Supported

  • Inline Linear

  • Inline non-linear

  • Companion

  • Wrapper

  • Measurement – click tracking, event tracking

  • 4.1 – Mezzanine file check

  • 4.1 – VPAID separation

  • 4.1 – Ready to serve media files check

  • 4.1 – Conditional Ads check

  • 4.1 – Universal AdID check

  • 4.1 – Ad verification and viewable impression checks

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The VAST Tag Validator was developed by the IAB Tech Lab team.