Content Taxonomy

The Content Taxonomy provides a “common language” that can be used when describing content. Typical uses of the content taxonomy are contextual targeting and brand safety.

Content Taxonomy 3.0 

The 3.0 version of the content taxonomy is available for public comment until October 22, 2021.

The 3.0 version of the content taxonomy includes updates to better support a variety of areas – News, Video/CTV content, Podcasts, Radio, Games and App stores. The changes include updates to “Aboutness categories” as well as to the additional “vectors”. The updates include some deletions which made this update non-backwards compatible with the previous release, which is the main reason the major version was increased and is a 3.0 release.

In addition, the “Aboutness categories” and “Vectors” are now separated into different sheets. We have also provided guidance for each area in the implementation guide.

Download Content Taxonomy 3.0 (public comment)

Download Implementation Guide for Content Taxonomy 3.0 (public comment)

Content Taxonomy 2.2

The IAB Tech Lab has introduced the concepts of Brand Safety Floor and suitability with the Content Taxonomy 2.2 proposal. This version was released after public comment in December 2020.

Main changes:

  1. Support for 11 Brand Safety floor categories and 4 suitability levels in the taxonomy spec. The categories are based on the GARM (Global Alliance for Responsible Media) Brand Safety & Suitability Framework.
  2. An implementation guide to provide guidance to various audiences that need to implement the content taxonomy.
  3. As of this Content Taxonomy version 2.2, we have started to use random alphanumeric values for IDs, but decided not to change IDs for existing categories in order to support backwards compatability.

For more information about the update, please read the related press release here.

Questions and feedback can be sent to  

Content Taxonomy 2.1

The IAB Tech Lab introduced a new set of consumer privacy features in Content Taxonomy 2.1. The final release was made available after 30 day public comment in April 2020. For more information about the update, please read the related Tech Lab blog post. Questions and feedback can be sent to

Previous Versions

Download Content Taxonomy 2.2 and Implementation Guide for 2.2 (Released December 2020)

Download Content Taxonomy 2.1 (Released October 2020)

Download Content Taxonomy 2.0 (Released November 2017)

Download Content Taxonomy 1.0 (Deprecated and should NOT be used for content categorization in the absence of SCD flags. More information can be found here about SCD flags available in updated Taxonomy versions)

Blog Posts/Press Releases about Taxonomy

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IAB Tech Lab Contact

Benjamin Dick
Senior Director of Product – Consumer Privacy, Identity and Data