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Digital Video Ad Serving Template (VAST)

Last updated: July 9, 2024

About VAST

VAST is a Video Ad Serving Template for structuring ad tags that serve ads to video players. Using an XML schema, VAST transfers important metadata about an ad from the ad server to a video player. Initially launched in 2008, VAST has since played an important role in the growth of the digital video marketplace.

The early days of video consisted mostly of shared videos and other user-generated content. Success in monetizing this content with ads has produced the resources to improve the digital video marketplace. The resources below offer more details. Please send questions or comments to

VAST Version History

VersionRelease Date

VAST Addendum

Supports APIs that enable registering event URLs, includes attribute to identify URLs for potential attribution reporting.

July 2023
VAST 4.3 December 2022

VAST 4.2

Secure Interactive Media Interface Definition (SIMID) – the replacement for VPAID for interactive use cases and a few other minor updates.

June 2019

VAST 4.1

Updates for Improved Ad Verification, Ad Creative Measurement, Server-Side Ad Insertion and Integration of Audio Advertising

August 2017

VAST 4.0
January 2016

VAST 3.0
July 2012

VAST 2.0
March 2012
VAST 1.0No longer supported