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Sustainability Initiative

Last updated: July 27, 2020

About the Initiative

In January 2023, IAB Tech Lab announced a new workstream committed to working with the industry to produce guidance, tools, and initiatives that can be used to reduce the carbon impact of the programmatic supply chain.

IAB Tech Lab’s Sustainability Working Group comprises three work streams:

  1. Collateral: Publishing guidance and best practices that the industry can follow to reduce carbon emissions by minimizing wastage.
  2. Technical: Evaluating processes that can be implemented to either minimize the number of ad requests being processed or minimize the amount of data being processed within the ad request. Additionally, creating a ranking for the processes that are most effective in minimizing waste.
  3. Benchmarking: Iteratively adding benchmarks of the expected levels of carbon emissions from the programmatic supply chain to the Tools Portal. These benchmarks provide the industry with realistic targets to work towards.

For more information about the working group and how to join, please email .

The Sustainability Green Playbook, is the first of a portfolio of recommendations being released by IAB Tech Lab’s Sustainability Working Group. The Sustainability Playbook is a guided resource aimed at promoting sustainable media best practices in programmatic advertising.