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New CTV App Stores Added to App-Ads.txt Aggregator

IAB Tech Lab offers aggregated and structured data sets for ads.txt, app-ads.txt, and sellers.json to provide the industry with a low cost and maintenance free replacement to managing your own crawler.  The IAB Tech Lab data sets are also beneficial for supplementing your own research. This year, we’ve worked to […]

Upgrade to Ads.txt 1.1 with IAB Tech Lab Supply Chain Transparency: Introducing new APIs

We’re thrilled to share the Supply Chain APIs in the IAB Tech Lab Tools Portal now include the updates from Ads.txt version 1.1. The specification update was released in August 2022, and we’ve seen rapid adoption of the new version from publishers. This update introduced two directives that empower publishers […]

Why the ‘OWNERDOMAIN’ & ‘MANAGERDOMAIN’ Fields are Important Additions to ads.txt

Since the advent of ads.txt in 2017, digital advertising on open platforms has become significantly more transparent. This transparency has allowed buyers to be more selective about what they buy, preserve inventory value for publishers by limiting spoofing or unauthorized resale, and reduced the amount of fraud in the ecosystem. […]

Data in Advertising: What It Means to Be an Ethical Marketer

Effective marketing campaigns are built on data. That’s the plain and simple truth that moves the digital marketing industry forward today. However, the reality of the data landscape in which marketers operate is evolving quickly, and we’re witnessing a sea change in how people think about their data and the […]

Implementing app-ads.txt for Safer CTV and OTT Transactions

Supporting the healthy growth of connected TV (CTV) is top of mind at the IAB Tech Lab. With the events of 2020, adoption and usage of CTV has rapidly accelerated. This means tackling timely opportunities and challenges is essential to creating safe and transparent standards in this nascent space, which […]

Final Version of App-ads.txt Ready for Adoption to Fight Inventory Fraud in Mobile Apps and OTT

  App Support for Authorized Digital Sells List, app-ads.txt, is Finalized After Beta Period   Today, March 13 2019, IAB Tech Lab’s OpenRTB working group is releasing the final version of the app-ads.txt specification. App-ads.txt is an extension of the original ads.txt standard which provides a mechanism for content owners […]

Cutting out misrepresented domains from your marketing campaign is a must. Here’s how.

By Jennifer Derke You wouldn’t buy a “Rolex” from a man on the street in a trench coat full of (likely counterfeit) watches, right? Then why buy ad inventory from unauthorized sellers? Ads.txt is a powerful resource to know which supply sources are trustworthy in selling publisher inventory. Sophisticated buyers […]

ads.txt aggregated files – the easy way to fight ad fraud

By Jennifer Derke Buyers and buy-side ad tech partners must develop a strategy of buying publisher inventory that is sold only by authorized digital sellers, as declared in publisher ads.txt files. IAB Tech Lab’s ads.txt aggregator is a simple, easy-to-use tool that helps by providing efficient delivery of aggregated ads.txt structured […]

Helping the industry prevent the sale of counterfeit inventory with ads.txt

By Neal Richter Today, we’re announcing an important new standard as part of OpenRTB, called ads.txt. While its mission is simple, to increase transparency in the programmatic advertising ecosystem, we believe it will have an oversized impact in reducing ad fraud across the ecosystem. When an advertiser buys media programmatically, […]