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IAB Tech Lab Releases Content Taxonomy 3.0; Continues Investment in SDA’s Contextual Features within CTV, Mobile, and News Content

The IAB Tech Lab is continuing to invest in our Taxonomy portfolio, today finalizing Content Taxonomy 3.0 from its public comment period.  While core principles and taxonomical structures remain unchanged from 2.x, this update contains several important refinements to both orthogonal vectors and primary “aboutness” categories. Together, these updates will […]

Final Audience Taxonomy 1.1 and Content Taxonomy 2.1 Provide Additional Consumer Privacy Safeguards

IAB Tech Lab’s Taxonomy and Mapping Working Group has finalized two updates to its taxonomy portfolio: Content Taxonomy 2.1 and Audience Taxonomy 1.1.  The two updates – which went through 30 days of public comment through April 2020 – introduce additional consumer privacy safeguards that aim to minimize the risk […]

Tech Lab Introduces Additional Consumer Privacy Safeguards into Content and Audience Taxonomies

In Public Comment Until April 30 Consumer trust – and our ability to demonstrate the responsible handling of consumer data – is foundational to our industry’s role in supporting independent content and services on the open internet. IAB and IAB Tech Lab member companies, as part of ongoing efforts to […]

IAB Tech Lab Announces Final Content Taxonomy v2 Ready for Adoption

Co-Authored by Taxonomy Working Group Co-Chairs Kevin Flood and Noel Agnew The final document of the IAB Tech Lab Content Taxonomy Version 2.0 was released today by the IAB Tech Lab, and is ready for adoption by the digital advertising industry. The Taxonomy and Mapping Working Group re-launched last year […]