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Adopting SDA in a Privacy-Centric World

SDA SHOWED A SOLUTION PATH First released over a year ago, seller-defined audiences created a mechanism for sellers to provide standardized information about their audience to ad buyers.  In a world with declining user-level signal availability, this was proposed as a solution to retain addressability for the buy-side of ad […]

Tech Lab Releases “Seller Defined Audiences”, Aims to Democratize Cohort Development for the Open Ecosystem

I’m excited to announce that Tech Lab has finalized its first addressability specification incubated within Project Rearc: Seller Defined Audiences (SDA). SDA was first proposed to the industry in March 2021 as part of a portfolio of addressability and accountability solutions. It’s been a labor of love for a number […]

Seven Key Issues Solved by the New IAB Tech Lab Seller-defined Audience Guidance

By Steve Francolla The industry is on a path to see the open web shattered into a million walled gardens, as cross-site data centralization at scale is being challenged. Today, many premium publishers see a minority of their audience authenticate, with the vast majority on the lower end of an […]