Tools & Utilities


AdBlock Detection Script

The IAB Tech Lab’s AdBlock Detection Script helps site owners better communicate with their site visitors about ad blocking and gain a more consistent understanding of the scope of ad blocker usage.

HTML5 Ad Validator

Ad validation before serving the ad can play a very important role in ensuring adherence to guidelines. This tool help accelerate the adoption of HTML5 by publishers, advertisers, and creative developers.

MRAID Ads SDK Tester

Mobile Rich Media Ad Interface Definitions (MRAID) Ads SDK (Software Development Kit) tester provides a way to test and validate ad functionality on a mobile device against multiple SDKs in minutes. All you need is the mobile application and your ad tag to start validating ad creatives.

Designers, developers, and approvers of ad creative can use the app on their mobile devices to validate the creative functionality in multiple SDKs.

Spiders & Bots

The IAB has enlisted The Alliance for Audited Media to perform evaluation and management services associated with maintaining and publishing the industry Spider and Robot list, the use of which is required for compliance to the IAB’s Client Side Counting (CSC) Measurement Guidelines for “double pass” filtering.

Tech Lab Codebank

All IAB Tech Lab’s public and private/closed GitHub repositories are hosted here. If you are interested in a repository or have general questions, please email