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Kevin Solinger

Kevin Solinger
Vice President, Product Management

As Group VP, Product Management at Xandr, Kevin oversees the product platform supporting Xandr’s Invest and Monetize products, across both Digital and Linear TV.  He previously led Xandr’s platform integration of enterprise data, supporting both the Media and Marketplace businesses with identity solutions, audience building, and attribution.

Having joined AppNexus in 2011 prior to its acquisition by AT&T and the launch of Xandr in 2018, Kevin has held a number of roles across the company in Product Architecture, Research and Development, and Product Management. He led the integration of viewability measurement technology into the AppNexus exchange, as well as the development of optimization and transaction-related features, for which he is co-inventor of two patents.  Kevin has also served as product lead for partner integrations, reporting and analytics, and inventory quality.  

Prior to AppNexus, Kevin was a Senior Engineer at the New York Stock Exchange, responsible for the development and management of mission-critical, low-latency market data platforms.

Kevin holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Computer Science and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania.