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OpenDirect 1.5

OpenDirect is the only open standard that supports automated guaranteed buying. OpenDirect 1.5 marks the first major update for the protocol providing essential updates such as change request support, revised diagrams, and improved implementation references.


OpenRTB is the open standard that provides support for real-time-bidding. OpenRTB 2.5 includes updates on header bidding and video placement type support. OpenRTB 3.0 framework is currently in public comment.

OpenRTB Dynamic Native Ads API 1.2

This spec describes the outer native object. While the Native Ads API is designed to be used with OpenRTB, it provides a set of fundamentals that are useful in non-RTB environments like in-app SDK object description.

Content Taxonomy

The Taxonomy and Mapping Working Group is working to update the current taxonomy and create an enhanced and more powerful taxonomy, permitting content creators the ability to more accurately and consistently describe content.