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Nishant Khatri

Nishant Khatri
Senior Vice President, Product Management, PubMatic

Nishant is a seasoned product executive with decades of experience building and launching successful internet and high-tech products. As Senior Vice President, Product Management, he is responsible for driving global product innovation and development across all of the products and solutions. He joined PubMatic in 2015 as the header bidding Product Manager, devising strategies with Prebid and OpenWrap to establish PubMatic as having one of the most thoughtful solutions in the industry. Since then Nishant has taken up increasing levels of product leadership roles, building a solid team that drives PubMatic’s RTB platform and pipes in addition to our marketplace quality, omni-channel monetization, analytics platform, and efficiency.   

Prior to PubMatic, Nishant led new product innovation, platform and mobile audience related products at Groundtruth, playing a key role in what was then a rapidly growing location based mobile advertising platform. He has deep insights into the location based mobile ad technology market. These experiences were more centered on the buy side of the eco-system, including prior ones that involved the use of machine learning applications in search and contextual advertising at Microsoft and Yahoo.  

Nishant grew up in India and moved to Bay Area to do his MBA at Stanford University Graduate School of Business. He is also an Electronics and Communication engineer, and has professionally worked on building robotic systems before working in ad tech.