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Global Privacy Platform

Last updated: February 10, 2024

About the Global Privacy Platform

The Global Privacy Platform (GPP) is part of a portfolio of solutions developed by IAB Tech Lab, as part of the Project Rearc initiative, to help the industry solve for the challenges that come with the need to address differing and evolving privacy regulations worldwide.  


The GPP is a protocol designed to streamline the transmission of privacy, consent, and consumer choice signals from sites and apps to ad tech providers; it enables advertisers, publishers and technology vendors in the digital advertising industry to adapt to regulatory demands across markets. The GPP currently supports the following privacy strings: the IAB Europe TCF, the IAB Canada TCF, the MSPA’s US National string, US states-specific privacy strings for California, Virginia, Utah, Colorado, and Connecticut. The Global Privacy Platform will continue to be expanded to support additional jurisdictions with data privacy regulations. For the most up-to-date information on supported privacy strings, see Section Information in the Global Privacy Platform github repository.

Global Privacy Platform String Version History

Nov 3, 20231.0Added clarifications to encoding mechanism, fixed encoded header examples
Sept 28, 20221.0Published final public version

Consent Management Platform API Version History

June 20231.1Removal of return values in favor of callback functions. Removal of getGPPData command
Sept 28, 20221.0Published final public version

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