Project Rearc: How to Participate

With impending changes to third-party cookies and other identifiers, Project Rearc is a global call-to-action for stakeholders across the digital supply chain to re-think and re-architect digital marketing to support core industry use cases, while balancing consumer privacy and personalization. Since this initiative launched a year ago, we joined forces last summer with PRAM (the Partnership for Responsible Addressable Media), which brings together business, policy, and technical efforts across a full range of industry stakeholders.

On March 9, at IAB’s 2021 Annual Leadership Meeting (ALM), IAB Tech Lab released for comment a portfolio of standards for responsible addressability and predictable privacy. Please download and review the proposed standards: 

IAB Tech Lab has been orchestrating a collaborative process to educate member and non-member stakeholders, and to facilitate global input into the development of new technical standards and guidelines driving “privacy by default” addressable advertising and measurement. We acknowledge and encourage the many critical business and policy conversations taking place across all stakeholder groups. There are a number of ways for your teams globally to participate in the discussion – from business, policy, and technology perspectives.


IAB Tech Lab hosted a series of Project Rearc Webinars. We’ll provide different perspectives, more information on the next steps, and how to get involved in the process. Register now for the next Addressability Solutions Roadshow, with an APAC-friendly time zone on June 24/25, 2021. We will provide an in-depth overview of the privacy-preserving addressability solutions via new industry standards and industry accountability.



To provide a channel for input from a diverse set of stakeholders globally, IAB Tech Lab is also creating the Rearc Global Task Force, open to members and non-members. We’ll employ a structured process, bi-weekly meetings and regular updates to facilitate collaboration across various trade organizations, publishers, buyers, platforms, consumer advocacy / NGOs, and other international bodies. Click here to join this Task Force.


Tech Lab and its technology-focused membership base will focus on tech standards and guidelines for privacy-centric addressability and industry accountability, informed by global business and policy input, collaboration and dialogue. If you’re a Tech Lab member, please encourage your technology leaders and key team members to get involved within these new technical working groups:


Working groups are forming globally to bring together business and policy leaders. If you’re a member of IAB in the U.S., please get involved with the Partnership for Responsible Addressable Media (PRAM) working groups.

For international audiences, please check with your local IAB office for working groups forming to discuss Project Rearc, or join the Rearc Task Force (through Tech Lab) and we’ll update you with efforts from other cooperating trade organizations.

The first step in Project Rearc will be to document the advertising and non-advertising use cases, highlighting dependencies on identifiers and third-party cookies, as well as the business impact from the loss thereof. With the industry level-set, we can then discuss design principles and feasible technology alternatives. More information on the process to be provided within the first Rearc Task Force meeting, expected early April.


The removal of third-party cookies and identifiers will have a profound impact on digital advertising stakeholders, and we encourage you to participate in laying the foundation for tomorrow’s solutions for ad targeting, measurement, and optimization, driven by the need to enhance consumer transparency and industry accountability.

Let’s re-architect the digital marketing industry together!

View the Portfolio of Standards for Responsible Addressability and Predictable Privacy (released for public comment).