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IAB Tech Lab Sets the Pace for Trustworthy Digital Advertising

It’s been a busy 2023 for the Tech Lab Compliance team.  Over the past several months, many organizations in the digital media ecosystem have stepped up to the challenge of fostering a trustworthy digital advertising ecosystem, earning their place among the ranks of compliant companies.  As we enter the final quarter of 2023, here is a look at the first half of the year, showcasing highlights of the compliance team’s accomplishments.

Open Measurement SDK (OM SDK) Compliant Companies (150 certified integrations)

The Open Measurement (OM) SDK Compliance Program is an enormous success, with over 150 apps and SDKs certified across Mobile In-App, Web Video, and Connected TV (CTV) environments.  Disney+ for both Mobile in-app and Web Video was certified earlier this year, increasing their OM SDK enabled inventory to be spread across 6 apps!  Sam’s Club, one of the largest Retail Media Network brands, was certified earlier this summer. Other highlights include:    

  • Joyn Gmbh for CTV!
  • In-Mobi’s Meson mediation platform
  • JioAds for both Mobile in-app and Web Video
  • FreeWheel’s SFX Nova & Aarnage SDK expanding FreeWheel’s ad viewability coverage across five platforms.

Podcast Measurement Guidelines Compliant Companies (28 certified companies)

The Podcast industry continues to grow remarkably, propelled by the increasing number of avid Podcast listeners.  While we are working towards a much-anticipated update to the guidelines in Q4 of this year, we are happy to announce four new certifications on version 2.1:

  • Audiomeans
  • Podigee
  • PRX
  • Podscribe

Why Compliant Companies Matter

Obtaining the Tech Lab “Seal of Approval” of being a Tech Lab Standards certified partner and being listed as a complaint company serves several purposes:

  1. Inspiration and Role Modeling: These companies set benchmarks that inspire others to follow suit. 
  2. Building Trust: Compliance with industry standards helps companies earn the trust of their audience. Consumers and partners can confidently engage with compliant entities.
  3. Industry Advancement: Compliance programs contribute to the overall advancement of the industry. When companies adhere and align to the same standards, it enables collaboration, healthy competition, and innovation.

Exploring the Benefits of Certification (5 certified companies)

Why does certification under IAB Tech Lab’s Compliance Programs matter? 

  1. Builds growth with Trust: Compliance with industry standards establishes trust in necessary capabilities so brands can buy more inventory with more confidence.  Allows advertisers to feel confident that their ads are being seen and their creatives are making a measurable impact.
  2. Improve efficiency with reduced Fragmentation: Tech Lab compliance programs ensure consistency and standardization in advertising metrics, thus allowing advertisers and publishers to collaborate more efficiently.
  3. Faster time to market: Empowers publishers and advertisers to make well-informed decisions about reliability of ecosystem capabilities, ultimately leading to faster product roll out.
  4. Lowers Operation Costs: Partners who are compliant are credible in the industry, streamlining the process of third-party integrations and resulting in time and cost savings by avoiding redundant efforts.

To explore the complete list of compliant companies for all our compliance programs, visit the IAB Tech Lab’s Compliant Companies page. To access the data in real-time and incorporate it into an advertising system, visit the Transparency Center for API access.As an end-of-year special discount, we are offering companies a 15% discount for the OM SDK for CTV compliance program if you sign up before December 31, 2023!  For further information and to take advantage of this offer, please email us at


Jarrett Wold
VP of Member Solutions, Services, and Compliance
IAB Tech Lab