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PETs Working Group Sign Up Request

As the momentum and drive for a privacy-first internet deepens and quickens, it is increasingly important for the digital advertising industry to stay ahead of the curve. The future of our industry depends upon the functions and processes for digital advertising to coexist with consumer privacy. In 2022, Tech Lab is investing heavily into the development of Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs) as the foundation for a sustainable, privacy safe future for our industry. 

​The Working Group’s initial efforts will focus on developing and standardizing PETs to advance revenue generation for publishers while delivering efficient outcomes for advertisers. Use case definition and API design for PETs deployed between digital ads ecosystem participants. Incubation and feedback mechanism for related open-source projects. This Working Group will also co-develop solutions, set PETs-related standards, steward open-sourced technical solutions through Tech Lab, and share new PETs proposals with the industry.

  • Define and publish PETs Technical Principles and Standards to the industry.
  • Identify and prioritize key digital advertising use cases, including advertising personalization that can be achieved through PETs.
  • Draft and publish standards and best practices guidance for existing PETs interfaces.
  • Create and publish new standards and guidance for PETs interfaces and other aspects of PETs.
  • Prioritize Secure Multi-Party Computation (plus Differential Privacy) solutions for Working Group authorship.
  • Present recommendations and provide clear feedback for on-device learning at relevant forums like W3C and others.
  • Create a reference repository for feedback on a range of PETs proposals, including those addressed via W3C.

If you are interested in joining this group, please sign up via the form below:

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