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IAB Tech Lab’s Advanced TV Commit Group Adds Leading Industry Players to Develop Comprehensive TV Advertising Technical Standards

Leading Broadcasters, Technology Providers, and TV Industry Trade Organizations Join Group to Drive Interoperability and Standardization Across the Advanced TV Ecosystem

New York, NY, June 6, 2023 – Today, IAB Tech Lab formally announced the creation of its Advanced TV Commit Group, which will lead the development of technology frameworks, technical standards, and market strategy to make every TV environment addressable. 

The Group aims to drive interoperability and standardization across the entire TV ecosystem. Inaugural members include: 

  • Extreme Reach
  • Paramount
  • EW Scripps
  • NBCUniversal
  • GroupM
  • VAB
  • Warner Bros. Discovery
  • Xperi
  • Publica
  • Nielsen

Several other members are pending and expected to join the Commit Group imminently.

“What distinguishes the Advanced TV Commit Group from other initiatives is its comprehensive and collaborative approach to addressable TV advertising,” said Anthony Katsur, CEO of IAB Tech Lab. “The Advanced TV Commit Group aims to partner with various initiatives across the industry, bringing together all stakeholders to establish a portfolio of solutions. We are focused on developing technical framework(s) that ensures holistic reconciliation, a unified measurement framework, and consistent ad experiences across digital video and TV environments. This includes traditional linear environments like cable, satellite, and over-the-air broadcast, as well as emerging IP-enabled TV platforms, more commonly known as CTV.”

The Advanced TV initiative was launched in response to the rapid evolution of how consumers view video content and the increasingly blurred lines between Connected TV (CTV) and linear TV. The initiative aims to achieve the following objectives across all TV environments: 

  • Interoperability for frame-accurate ad delivery and ad break management to ensure consistent cross-platform ad break and ad slots signaling 
  • Universal addressability and reconciliation for audience measurement across all screens
  • Complete cross-environment audit for advertising campaign delivery
  • Ad measurement for delivery and client-side viewability verification on the TV
  • Omni channel sales management for programmatic buying and selling of upfronts and spot buys

Initially, the Advanced TV Commit Group will work toward deliverables in 2023 that establish a firm foundation for meeting the above objectives. Tasks such as standardizing interoperability across creative IDs and how metadata is used in systems that handle ad placement and measurement are mandatory for enabling an interoperable advertising market across all TV environments.

“With the right standards and technology frameworks in place, networks, broadcasters, MVPDs, and other video publishers can expand their addressable inventory and enhance their product offerings,” said Katsur. “This will create a strong foundation for buyers to reach their target audiences and accurately measure campaign results. The Advanced TV Commit Group is dedicated to driving the industry forward and setting new technical standards for addressable TV advertising through its commitment to interoperability, universal addressability, audit, and measurement. We invite all TV original equipment manufacturers and other interested parties to join the Advanced TV Commit Group and play a crucial role in achieving this goal.”

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Here are some quotes from the leading industry players in the Advanced TV Commit Group:

“The VAB is thrilled to be a part of, and collaborate with, the IAB Tech Lab and Advanced TV Commit Group members,” said Ben Vandegrift, VP of Measurement Solutions, VAB. “The implementation of standards and innovative technical solutions that provide data consistency will further transform and simplify the TV ecosystem. This will ultimately empower marketers to make better-informed buying decisions throughout the campaign lifecycle.”

“Warner Bros. Discovery is proud to support the IAB Tech Lab’s efforts to define and recommend standards that will power next-generation addressability across linear and streaming,” said Jim Keller, EVP of Digital Advertising Sales & Advanced Advertising at Warner Bros. Discovery. “We believe collaboration is key when it comes to creating a future where interoperability and standardization help our advertisers and agencies better reach their desired audiences and campaign goals.” 

“Our past work, including our groundbreaking study quantifying CTV impression overcounts, has highlighted the importance of accurate measurement and verification in the rapidly evolving TV advertising landscape,” said Karen Chan, Group Director, Investment Innovation at GroupM. “By joining forces with industry stakeholders, we are dedicated to creating best practices and needed technical standards for the industry as a whole. With our focus on innovating with tech advancements and driving accountability, we are excited to drive impactful results for our clients by contributing again in shaping the future of video advertising.”

“At NBCUniversal, we’re committed to building a multi-currency future and enhanced cross-platform measurement that leads to better consumer experiences and greater advertising effectiveness. Interoperability and standardization are fundamental to enabling this. From creative identifiers to brand taxonomy and more, standardization allows for a more automated and scalable advertising ecosystem. It also leads to greater interoperability that is vital for more effective measurement, insights and greater efficiencies for advertisers, in the premium video environment. Which is why we’re committed to partnering with the IAB Tech Lab and other industry leaders to redefine the future of television advertising,” said Ryan McConville, EVP Advertising Platforms & Operations, NBCUniversal.

“As a member of the IAB Advanced TV Commit Group, Nielsen is looking forward to working on the structures and strategies that will help shape the future of TV,” said Scott L Brown, Nielsen, SVP, Strategy & Technology.

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