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Domain Access Validation & Domain Loader

The Open Measurement Software Development Kit (OM SDK) is designed to facilitate third party viewability and verification measurement for ads served to websites and mobile app environments without requiring multiple Ad Verification Service Providers (Measurement Provider) SDK.

The OM SDK for Web Video consists of a library for web video measurement as well as a JavaScript API named Open Measurement Interface Definition (OMID) that is integrated by the Integration Partners (Video players, Ad SDK developers, or publishers with in-house stacks). The library collects various signals, such as ad container geometry and playback events via direct communication with the video players, and publishes these signals via the OMID JavaScript API.

The collection, processing, analysis, and reporting of information surfaced by the OM SDK is the responsibility of the Measurement Provider using their respective JavaScript tag that is served with the ad creative. OM SDK for Web Video includes the selection of an access mode during integration (Creative, Domain or Limited). Due to the different nature of these access modes, Measurement Providers have varying requirements around their usages. Below you will find the domain loader file, a requirement for Domain Access mode. This is a new access mode introduced for Web Video.

See below for Integration Guides:

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Domain Access Validation Guide
Download Domain Loader File