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To support a healthy and sustainable digital media and advertising industry, IAB Tech Lab is producing and helping companies implement global technical standards and solutions. Read more about our priorities for 2020:

Below is the full suite of digital ad standards, initiatives and products developed by the Tech Lab member community, mapped to our focus areas.

*Bold = recommended adoption priorities

Protecting Consumer Privacy and Enabling Responsible Data Use

Consumer trust is the lifeblood of digital media and brand loyalty. Our industry has grown quickly, with innovation outpacing
regulation. We must put consumer privacy protection first to enable a sustainable, free, and open internet.

  • There is a proliferation of new privacy regulations around the world with impact on the way businesses operate and
    potential fines for non-compliance: from the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the EU to the California
    Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) in the U.S. to new laws burgeoning in other countries and states.
  • Browsers are now competing directly on privacy features, and are introducing changes to third-party cookies that
    impact targeting and personalization, measurement, attribution, frequency management, and more.
  • Advertisers spend millions every year on data products and services without sufficient safeguards around transparency
    and quality of data.

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Improving Brand Safety and Reducing Ad Fraud

Critical to today’s leading brands and publishers:

  • Ad fraud costs companies billions of dollars annually. eMarketer estimates in 2019 that $42 billion in ad spend was lost to
    ad fraud worldwide, up 20% from 2018.
  • A lack of transparency around supply sources and fraudulent behavior have caused a loss of ad revenue for publishers and
    wasted advertising dollars for brands.
  • Brand owners and others should play active roles in fighting fraud to help brands maintain control and safeguard their
    advertising investments.
  • Global standards and industry-wide adoption will help protect brands, and ensure that their ads display where intended,
    next to the right content in a brand-safe environment.

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Programmatic Effectiveness: Driving Efficiency and Transparency 

  • The rapid growth of programmatic has created a massively complex supply chain with limited transparency and a
    challenging environment for brand safety and ad fraud.
  • With the vast majority of digital media transacted through programmatic channels, advertisers need better tools to
    understand the value-add of supply chain participants and how much of their investment is going toward working media.
  • Aligning the industry around shared technology and common standards and protocols fuels proprietary innovation, while
    also improving efficiency and growth for the entire programmatic ecosystem.

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Driving Consistency in Ad Measurement and Ad Experiences

Emerging technologies and new media formats in the digital advertising ecosystem are wonderful opportunities for
advertisers to innovate, yet they also breed inefficiencies in ad delivery and fragmentation in measurement capabilities.
The proliferation of devices, platforms, and channels can be key drivers of both complexity and opportunity.

  • Consumers increasingly using their mobile phones as a primary device are expecting more native and seamless ad
  • The growing pool of cord-cutters and cord-nevers continues to drive the expansion of connected TV and over-the-top (OTT)
    video platforms and the evolution of the video advertising world.
  • From a measurement standpoint, hundreds of tracking pixels slow down the user experience and are increasingly
    ineffective at measuring advertising across platforms and devices.
  • Interoperability, efficiency, and consistency in ad delivery across platforms and the digital supply chain are critical for a
    seamless user experience.

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