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IAB Tech Lab Membership & Governance

The IAB Tech Lab is governed by an independent Board of Directors, which oversees its agenda and funds allocation. Neal Richter, Chief Data Scientist at SpotX, will lead the IAB Technology Lab as Chairman of the Board and Dennis Buchheim is President of Tech Lab.

The Tech Lab’s governance structure will allow it to become a truly global body and accept member companies from outside the U.S. In addition, marketers and agencies, as well as other companies with interests in the digital advertising and marketing supply chain, will be invited to join. Companies that are already IAB General Members are automatically members of the IAB Tech Lab, at no cost beyond their IAB dues.

IAB Tech Lab Leadership

Membership Benefits

Joining the IAB Tech Lab is about providing the digital marketing supply chain with technology services and solutions. As part of this consortium, members have the following benefits:
• Participation in the creation of specifications and development of tools
• Technical trainings and seminars for product, engineering, design, and operations personnel
• Authorization to contribute to code libraries
• Participation in IAB Tech Lab Working Groups

IAB Tech Lab Membership –  Categories & Dues

To participate in the IAB Tech Lab, please email