Content Taxonomy

The IAB Tech Lab has developed and released a new Content Taxonomy in public review until March 1, 2017.

Main improvements with this new Content Taxonomy Version 2.0 include:

  • Development of a machine-readable taxonomy with incorporated ID mappings – a content taxonomy JSON file is uploaded on the IAB Tech Lab GitHub Repository
  • 400+ new site content classifications across 29 Tier 1 categories in addition to updated categories
  • Creation of independent vectors for describing the topical attributes of the page itself and adding extra dimensions of data about a given site’s content
  • Support for global applicability – nomenclature expanded to reflect a global perspective, making it more inclusive of all areas of the world

Please review the updated Content Taxonomy V 2.0 and send your comments to Feedback will be reviewed by the Taxonomy and Mapping Working Group.

Content Taxonomy Overview (PDF Version)

Content Taxonomy V2.0 – Draft for Public Review (Excel Version)

Contextual taxonomy was developed in consultation with taxonomy experts from academia, ad measurement companies, and members of the IAB Networks & Exchanges Committee. This taxonomy defines contextual content categories on at least three different tiers.

The “IAB Tech Lab Content Taxonomy” was previously called the “Quality Assurance Guidelines (QAG) Taxonomy.”

The first tier is a broad level category defined as a targeting depth of either: category/portal, site section, or page. Tier 2 categories and greater are additional categories nested under Tier 1 categories. Both tier 1 and tier 2 categories are formerly established for the IQG Program (formerly QAG Program) so that content classification can be consistent across the industry.