Open Measurement SDK

Open Measurement SDK

Ad viewability is often measured by vendors or systems that are independent of the systems that serve and display ads. Access to the data that these measurement providers need could mean having code for multiple providers on one site or app. IAB’s Open Measurement project was initiated to develop a scalable solution that minimizes code used to provide data to measurement providers.

The IAB Open Measurement SDK (OM SDK) offers common code and libraries for facilitating third-party access to measurement data. Sites and apps that integrate the OM SDK can send measurement signals to an API, the Open Measurement Interface Definition (OMID). Measurement providers can place tags that collect these signals.

While Open Measurement relies on the OM SDK and OMID during operation, IAB Tech Lab offers several resources to encourage adoption across the industry.

Getting started with OM SDK

What is New in OM SDK 1.3: an overview of the updates added to OM SDK in version 1.3

Migrating to OM SDK 1.3: a detailed guide for making a smooth transition from OM SDK 1.2 to version 1.3

Capabilities and Limitations: a brief overview of OM SDK, how it works, and its capabilities and limitations

Quick Start Guide for Integration Partners: an overview of the four phases of integration and compliance

Measurement Provider onboarding guide: an overview of how to enable measurement providers after integration

OpenRTB Advisory: details on how to indicate OM SDK capability in programmatic buying and selling with OpenRTB

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about OM SDK integration, testing, compliance and more


IAB Tech Lab offers compliance service to validate the successful integration of OM SDK. Compliance certification verifies that your OM SDK implementation works with measurement


Developer Guides

The following documentation is available for developers who are implementing OM SDK.


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