Seller Defined Audiences

Seller Defined Audiences (SDA) is an addressability specification incubated within Project Rearc.  It allows publishers, DMPs and data providers to scale first-party data responsibly and reliably without data leakage or reliance on deprecated IDs and/or new, untested technologies.

It pulls together several widely adopted industry specifications to work together in new ways to achieve this goal. Notably SDA combines integrations with, OpenRTB 2.6 community extensions, Transparency Center and the Data Transparency Standard.

Key benefits include:

  • Can be used for inventory across all browsers, apps, and OTT/CTV environments
  • Does not rely on cookies/mobile IDs; or new, untested browser technology
  • Protects against publisher data leakage
  • Replicates PMP-like performance without having to rely on manual deal-ID creation
  • Already broadly adopted and integrated across install base
  • De-commoditizes publisher data and facilitates competition based on underlying quality components

To learn more about SDA please review Tech Lab’s blog post here. The full specification can be downloaded here. Implementation questions can be sent to

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