AdBlock Detection Script

The IAB Tech Lab’s AdBlock Detection Script helps site owners better communicate with their site visitors about ad blocking and gain a more consistent understanding of the scope of ad blocker usage.

Ads.Txt Aggregator

IAB Tech Lab is now offering access to an aggregation of ads.txt files published around the internet.

Ads.Txt Crawler

An example crawler for ads.txt files given a list of URLs or domains etc and saves them to a SQLite DB table

Open Source Initiative

IAB Tech Lab believes that the next generation of standards will evolve as code. We are enthusiastic about supporting the industry in this regard and facilitating the governance and management of relevant open source projects that will support evolution, deployment and adoption of standards via code development, as well as foster innovation while identifying and developing new foundational technologies in support of the advertising industry needs.

SKAdNetwork ID List

IAB Tech Lab has a tool for managing and maintaining SKAdNetwork ID list. Advertisers, DSPs, and networks can register their SKAdNetwork IDs and IAB Tech Lab will publish a list of all registered IDs that can be downloaded by app developers and publishers.

Spiders & Bots

The IAB has enlisted The Alliance for Audited Media to perform evaluation and management services associated with maintaining and publishing the industry Spider and Robot list, the use of which is required for compliance to the IAB’s Client Side Counting (CSC) Measurement Guidelines for “double pass” filtering.

Supply Chain Validation

A Premium service to help you verify that your ads.txt and/or app-ads.txt file adheres to the technical specifications, validates your file against the sellers.json file, alerts you to any inconsistencies, and publishes the results.

Tech Lab Codebank

All IAB Tech Lab’s public and private/closed GitHub repositories are hosted here. If you are interested in a repository or have general questions, please email

Tech Lab Tools Portal

All of IAB Tech Lab’s tools are available here. If you have general questions or need help, please email

Transparency Center

The IAB Tech Lab Transparency Center is an industry-owned resource for metadata about the digital advertising ecosystem. The repository contains structured metadata about publishers, ad tech intermediaries and buyers in a readily consumable format for both humans and machines.

VAST Tag Validator

The VAST Tag Validator enables developers and ad operations to validate the structure and content of their VAST tags against VAST specifications