Podcast Ad Metrics Guidelines

Download Podcast Ad Metrics Guidelines (PDF)

Release Date: September 2016

The “Podcast Ad Metrics Guidelines” are the result of the Podcast Technical Working Group’s efforts to define a set of common ad metrics in the podcasting space.

Podcasting has been growing at a phenomenal pace over the last few years with a lot of engaging content to pull in listeners and great tools that make it easier to create this great content. Podcast listeners are considered to be some of the most engaged, which makes them a very tempting target for marketers.

However, there have been a number of challenges in getting a commonly agreed-on set of metrics in the space. This is due in part to lack of access to client side measurement, and in part to it being a relatively new space, where different vendors approach things differently.

This document provides an introduction to tracking ad delivery in a podcast and attempts to provide clarity in the marketplace by describing common and existing practices. It breaks down some of the technical details of content and ad delivery and then defines the commonly used metrics, with some examples on how to measure those metrics. While we expect this document to be  updated further as the market develops, we believe that this will help buyers, publishers, and the developers of technology by guiding them toward a common language.


Developed by the Podcast Technical Working Group

IAB Tech Lab Contact

Amit Shetty
Senior Director,  Product and R&D