Introducing Initial OpenRTB Support for the Protected Audience API

Google’s Privacy Sandbox introduces a number of APIs that impact how advertising is bought and sold. Some of them, like TOPICS, are relatively straightforward and were successfully mapped to existing programmatic constructs. Others, like the Protected Audience API, are significantly more complex and require the evolution of OpenRTB for clear […]

TCF Canada v1.1 & GPP String v1.1 Released for Public Comment

IAB Tech Lab released updates to the TCF Canada section string and GPP core string specifications for a 30-day public comment period. The TCF Canada section was first launched in October 2022 to help the industry comply with Canadian privacy laws. The TCF Canada section makes use of the Global […]

US State Privacy Signals Finalized – IAB Tech Lab Urges the Industry to Start Building Now

When the Global Privacy Platform (GPP), a user consent and preference communication and transport protocol, was finalized at the end of September, we advised the industry to begin building to it and to prepare for new US state-level privacy signaling support to come shortly after. The state-level signals were released […]

Privacy Enhancing Technologies Evolution Series (Part 2)

This whitepaper is a summary of the IAB Tech Lab’s event on September 22nd, 2022, the second session in a series on the topic of Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs).  A recording of this event can be watched back here, and registration for the third event, 8 Dec, 2022 can be […]

IAB Tech Lab Releases for Public Comment Specifications for New Privacy Strings that Replace the US Privacy Framework and Help to Address Upcoming Privacy Laws in 5 States

On September 28, we released the Global Privacy Platform (GPP), a multi-jurisdictional protocol that enables communication of user consent and preference signals through the digital advertising chain. In the announcement we mention that new signals to support US state regulations were forthcoming and we’re happy to announce today that they […]