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Press Release: IAB Tech Lab Finalizes Data Deletion Request Framework to Streamline Digital Ad Supply Chain Privacy Compliance

IAB Tech Lab, the global digital advertising technical standards-setting body, announced today the release of the final Data Deletion Request Framework, following the conclusion of two extensive public comment periods. This milestone signifies an important step forward in handling consumer data privacy concerns within the digital advertising supply chain, with significant input into shaping the framework during the development process from Dstillery, Google, Index Exchange, Mediavine, Raptive, Roku, and many others. You can read the full press release here

The Data Deletion Request Framework establishes a standardized mechanism for transmitting data deletion request signals throughout the digital advertising ecosystem. It provides provisions for validating request origins, ensuring requester authenticity, confirming receipt, and employing cryptographic signatures for authentication. By offering a holistic solution for handling data deletion requests, the framework aligns with the ‘Right to Delete’, a Data Subject Right (DSR) which is currently protected by the GDPR, 16 US state privacy laws, and additional privacy legislation, including Quebec Law 25.

This interoperable framework supports compliance with existing privacy legislation and lays the groundwork for future privacy initiatives within the adtech ecosystem. To encourage adoption and implementation, IAB Tech Lab is offering a 90-day implementation period with increased support for early adopters. In response to requests from working group members, this period ensures that companies adopting new specifications receive a dedicated timeframe during which IAB Tech Lab provides extra assistance and guidance, ensuring they have the support they need during the initial phase.

For more information and to access the final Data Deletion Request Framework, please visit the IAB Tech Lab Standards hub

Jared Moscow headshot
Jared Moscow
Director​, Product-Privacy
IAB Tech Lab