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Data Deletion Request Framework

Last updated: May 06, 2024

About the Data Deletion Request Framework

The Data Deletion Request Framework is a specification that facilitates the handling of data deletion requests in accordance with the changing landscape of consumer privacy rights as dictated by privacy laws. “The ‘Right to Delete’ is a Data Subject Right (DSR) currently protected by the GDPR, 15 US state privacy laws, and additional privacy legislation, including Quebec Law 25. The Data Deletion Request Specification serves as the digital advertising industry’s inaugural signaling mechanism to uphold this DSR. As privacy laws evolve with an increasing focus on consumer rights, this specification creates a technical framework for proficiently managing data deletion requests.

The Data Deletion Request Framework offers significant advantages to brands, technology vendors, and publishers by establishing a standardized and interoperable framework that simplifies compliance with privacy laws. This framework supports efficient and consistent handling of data deletion requests throughout the complex digital advertising ecosystem to safeguard consumer rights while decreasing reliance on disparate systems. Developed within the Global Privacy Working Group, it is a valuable resource for all advertising ecosystem stakeholders.

Key sections of the specification include:

  • Terms & Requirements specific to the Framework including what is in scope or out of scope, resources, and implementation
  • Request sequence and propagation details
  • Request data and examples of request packets
  • Coverage of signatures, response codes, identifiers, and discovery

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