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OpenRTB Dynamic Native Ads

Version 1.2 of the OpenRTB Dynamic Native Ads API Specification has been finalized. Some of the added features include support for third-party ad serving, dynamic creative optimization (DCO), privacy flags, and new event tracking options. Any questions or comments for the OpenRTB Native working group can be sent to

Download OpenRTB Native 1.2 Spec (PDF)

Download OpenRTB Dynamic Native Ads API 1.1 (PDF)

Release Date: March 2016

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Overview of OpenRTB Dynamic Native Ads API 1.1

The Native Ads API 1.1 includes market-demanded improvements and features corresponding to the IAB Deep Dive on In-Feed Ad Units.  Release highlights include:

  • Further articulate semantics of the “seq” parameter
  • Creative element standardization through the creation of two new fields; Context and Placement Type

Previous Version

OpenRTB Dynamic Native Ads API 1.0 (PDF)
Release Date: February 2015
This spec describes the outer native object, which includes the ad unit (the 6 types of native ads defined by the IAB Native Advertising Playbook) and the layout. While the Native Ads API is designed to be used with OpenRTB, it provides a set of fundamentals that are useful in non-RTB environments like in-app SDK object description.

Supporting Resources

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Developed by the Programmatic Supply Chain Working Group

IAB Tech Lab Contact

Jill Wittkopp
Vice President, Product