Privacy Enhancing Technologies Evolution Series (Part 3) Event Summary

This is a summary of the  IAB Tech Lab’s event on December 8th, 2022, the third session in a series on the topic of Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs). You can watch the event video here. For an introduction to PETs, including what they are and an overview of the different […]

US State Privacy Signals Finalized – IAB Tech Lab Urges the Industry to Start Building Now

When the Global Privacy Platform (GPP), a user consent and preference communication and transport protocol, was finalized at the end of September, we advised the industry to begin building to it and to prepare for new US state-level privacy signaling support to come shortly after. The state-level signals were released […]

IAB Tech Lab Releases for Public Comment Specifications for New Privacy Strings that Replace the US Privacy Framework and Help to Address Upcoming Privacy Laws in 5 States

On September 28, we released the Global Privacy Platform (GPP), a multi-jurisdictional protocol that enables communication of user consent and preference signals through the digital advertising chain. In the announcement we mention that new signals to support US state regulations were forthcoming and we’re happy to announce today that they […]

Global Privacy Platform: Explained

As Project Rearc continues to move into its BUILD phase, the Global Privacy Platform (GPP) is next up for finalization. The Global Privacy Platform specification went into public comment in June with a 60-day public comment period. This has recently been extended for an additional two weeks to August 15th. […]

IAB Tech Lab Comes to APAC

Operations for IAB Tech Lab (Tech Lab) in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region are up and running. I have had the privilege of connecting with a small group of “Friends of Tech Lab” and have had informal conversations to understand and plan our approach to ensure success in the region. A […]

Anti-Fraud & Transparency in CTV Advertising

Part of the blog post series: CTV Advertising Standards: IAB Tech Lab Standards & Guidance Executive Summary: Due to its explosive growth and premium environment, CTV is increasingly becoming the target of fraudsters, and fraud is a challenge that needs to be addressed before it can grow into programmatic selling. Tech […]

Brand Safety in CTV Advertising

Part of the blog post series: CTV Advertising Standards: IAB Tech Lab Standards & Guidance Executive Summary: Brand safety is an important aspect of ad delivery, but is increasingly complex. Tech Lab enables brand safety through features in Content Taxonomy, OpenRTB, VAST and Open Measurement. The Details: Brand safety has been […]

Privacy, Data, and Identity for CTV Advertising

Part of the blog post series: CTV Advertising Standards: IAB Tech Lab Standards & Guidance Executive Summary: The state of identity on Connected TV (CTV) platforms is in flux. Current solutions depend on the Tech Lab’s Identifier for Advertising (IFA) guidelines, but privacy concerns are likely to impact this in […]

SafeFrame 2.0: Safer, Simpler and More Advanced

The number of browsers and the technology that runs them has been advancing rapidly over the last few years. Ad tech has also seen a lot of advancement in technology, creativity, and services. All of this growth comes with added risk. For years, SafeFrame has offered rich ad interactions in […]

iOS 14 Privacy Features Impact: What Advertisers Need to Know

Open Standards and Predictable Privacy for Consumers are More Important than Ever There’s been no shortage of ad industry ink spilled in response to Apple’s WWDC privacy announcements for iOS 14. In particular, much of the focus is on Apple’s design for user transparency and control over the iOS identifier […]