IAB Tech Lab Comes to APAC

Operations for IAB Tech Lab (Tech Lab) in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region are up and running. I have had the privilege of connecting with a small group of “Friends of Tech Lab” and have had informal conversations to understand and plan our approach to ensure success in the region. A […]

Anti-Fraud & Transparency in CTV Advertising

Part of the blog post series: CTV Advertising Standards: IAB Tech Lab Standards & Guidance Executive Summary: Due to its explosive growth and premium environment, CTV is increasingly becoming the target of fraudsters, and fraud is a challenge that needs to be addressed before it can grow into programmatic selling. Tech […]

Brand Safety in CTV Advertising

Part of the blog post series: CTV Advertising Standards: IAB Tech Lab Standards & Guidance Executive Summary: Brand safety is an important aspect of ad delivery, but is increasingly complex. Tech Lab enables brand safety through features in Content Taxonomy, OpenRTB, VAST and Open Measurement. The Details: Brand safety has been […]

Privacy, Data, and Identity for CTV Advertising

Part of the blog post series: CTV Advertising Standards: IAB Tech Lab Standards & Guidance Executive Summary: The state of identity on Connected TV (CTV) platforms is in flux. Current solutions depend on the Tech Lab’s Identifier for Advertising (IFA) guidelines, but privacy concerns are likely to impact this in […]

SafeFrame 2.0: Safer, Simpler and More Advanced

The number of browsers and the technology that runs them has been advancing rapidly over the last few years. Ad tech has also seen a lot of advancement in technology, creativity, and services. All of this growth comes with added risk. For years, SafeFrame has offered rich ad interactions in […]

iOS 14 Privacy Features Impact: What Advertisers Need to Know

Open Standards and Predictable Privacy for Consumers are More Important than Ever There’s been no shortage of ad industry ink spilled in response to Apple’s WWDC privacy announcements for iOS 14. In particular, much of the focus is on Apple’s design for user transparency and control over the iOS identifier […]

Final Audience Taxonomy 1.1 and Content Taxonomy 2.1 Provide Additional Consumer Privacy Safeguards

IAB Tech Lab’s Taxonomy and Mapping Working Group has finalized two updates to its taxonomy portfolio: Content Taxonomy 2.1 and Audience Taxonomy 1.1.  The two updates – which went through 30 days of public comment through April 2020 – introduce additional consumer privacy safeguards that aim to minimize the risk […]

Tech Lab: “2020.5”… and the Road to 2021

Welcome to the second half of 2020!(!) This year seems to be flying by and certainly hasn’t gone as any of us had planned. It’s been a real bright spot to see Tech Lab members and our team adapt and make progress together on meaningful work during such a challenging […]

Solving Tech Challenges in SSAI: Takeaways from a recent workshop at IAB Tech Lab

The use of server side ad insertion to deliver video ads has become ubiquitous across the industry as the need for providing a high quality and seamless ad experience has become paramount. As adoption of the technology continues to increase, the needs for additional functionality and support has expanded too. […]

With The End Of Browser Cookie Support, What Will Happen To Measurement And Attribution?

In less than two years, many publishers, advertisers, data vendors, and technology platforms will need to reevaluate and retool their approaches to data collection, audience targeting, measurement, and attribution analysis. All of those activities will change, and along with them the ways that we track and measure advertising and user […]