Is this on your roadmap?

Leveraging the latest IAB Tech Lab standards to stay ahead of industry trends As we enter the last quarter of the year, our team at IAB Tech Lab is busy with strategic planning for next year; and I assume your product and engineering teams are doing the same. This entails […]

Register Now for IAB Tech Lab’s SKAdNetwork ID List

With the imminent enforcement of Apple’s new privacy features, including the iOS SKAdNetwork feature, IAB Tech Lab has released a new tool for managing and maintaining SKAdNetwork ID list. Advertisers, DSPs, and networks can register their SKAdNetwork IDs and IAB Tech Lab will publish a list of all registered IDs that […]

Implementing app-ads.txt for Safer CTV and OTT Transactions

Supporting the healthy growth of connected TV (CTV) is top of mind at the IAB Tech Lab. With the events of 2020, adoption and usage of CTV has rapidly accelerated. This means tackling timely opportunities and challenges is essential to creating safe and transparent standards in this nascent space, which […]

Brand safety in the age of COVID-19

Brand safety concerns tied to COVID-19 have led to a decline in ad spend in many cases. But what in normal times might be reasonable concerns about brand safety can be counterproductive at a time when things are anything but normal – especially when news sources, in particular, need funding […]

Tech Lab Introduces Additional Consumer Privacy Safeguards into Content and Audience Taxonomies

In Public Comment Until April 30 Consumer trust – and our ability to demonstrate the responsible handling of consumer data – is foundational to our industry’s role in supporting independent content and services on the open internet. IAB and IAB Tech Lab member companies, as part of ongoing efforts to […]

OpenMedia specs, including OpenRTB 3.0 Finalized and Ready for Adoption

By Jennifer Derke Today, IAB Tech Lab’s OpenRTB working group announced that the much-anticipated OpenRTB 3.0, AdCOM 1.0, and Ad Management 1.0 specifications are finalized and ready for industry adoption. Ads.cert: Signed Bid Requests remains in beta for continued early implementations, and participation with the working group to work on […]

Cutting out misrepresented domains from your marketing campaign is a must. Here’s how.

By Jennifer Derke You wouldn’t buy a “Rolex” from a man on the street in a trench coat full of (likely counterfeit) watches, right? Then why buy ad inventory from unauthorized sellers? Ads.txt is a powerful resource to know which supply sources are trustworthy in selling publisher inventory. Sophisticated buyers […]

How To Document.write a Better User Experience

    By Kenji Baheux Composability is one of the great powers of the web: imagine how hard it would be to build and run a website if it were not for the ability to easily integrate with services built by third parties! However, one of the downsides of composability, […]

Ad Reinsertion: For Better or Worse?

      By Joe Barone “Ad reinsertion” happens when publishers use technology to serve ads to browsers that have an active ad blocking plug-in. It’s a new solution some publishers are considering to ensure delivery of ads to their sites’ visitors. GroupM is concerned by this opaque means of […]

Getting LEAN with Digital Ad UX

By Scott Cunningham We messed up. As technologists, tasked with delivering content and services to users, we lost track of the user experience. Twenty years ago we saw an explosion of websites, built by developers around the world, providing all forms of content. This was the beginning of an age […]