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New OpenMedia Specification Landscape Powers Effective Standards Development at IAB Tech Lab

By Dennis Buchheim and Jennifer Derke Digital advertising is converging. Industry growth and maturation are being slowed by silos of media formats and channels (video, display, programmatic bidding, direct, etc.). It is time to think cross-screen, cross-media, with interoperability as the ultimate goal. Enter OpenMedia. What is OpenMedia? OpenMedia is […]

OpenRTB Native Version 1.2 Finalized

By Jennifer Derke OpenRTB Native version 1.2 has been finalized after the public comment period earlier this summer. Feedback was accepted from the industry and reviewed by the OpenRTB Native working group and the IAB Tech Lab Commit Group. The major feature updates in OpenRTB Native version 1.2 include; Dynamic […]

MRAID 3.0: Ready to Play Rich and Flawless Ads In-App on Your Phone

By Aron Schatz View MRAID Version 3.0 Here Since 2011, the Mobile Rich Media Ad Interface Definitions (MRAID) specification has provided in-app advertising the means to create compelling rich media ad experiences at scale. The promise of MRAID allowed ad designers to write a creative once, and have it run […]

Industry Aligns to Adopt Ads.txt Specification

By Alanna Gombert The IAB Tech Lab has been working in partnership with the digital advertising industry to take in and process all of the feedback for Ads.txt, the mechanism that allows publishers to list their Authorized Digital Sellers and is a frontline weapon against inventory spoofing and unauthorized sellers. […]

Open Source Crawler Released to Support Adoption of Ads.txt

By Dr. Neal Richter and Jennifer Derke Since announcing ADS.TXT to fight counterfeit inventory, we’ve received a number of comments, including from companies starting to build crawlers. To assist in accelerating the adoption of ads.txt, the IAB Tech Lab is releasing an open source implementation of a reference crawler written […]

Helping the industry prevent the sale of counterfeit inventory with ads.txt

By Neal Richter Today, we’re announcing an important new standard as part of OpenRTB, called ads.txt. While its mission is simple, to increase transparency in the programmatic advertising ecosystem, we believe it will have an oversized impact in reducing ad fraud across the ecosystem. When an advertiser buys media programmatically, […]

The IAB Dynamic Content Ad Standard – Ushering in a New Era of Content and Data-Driven Advertising

By Diaz Nesamoney Throughout its 20-year history, the IAB has been working with brands, agencies, publishers, and ad tech vendors to continue to innovate ad standards. Together, they have introduced new ad formats and standards that have allowed marketers and their agencies to continue to work to engage consumers. The […]

Announcing the OTT Technical Working Group

By Amit Shetty As my IAB counterpart Eric John blogged about a few weeks ago, the Over-The-Top (OTT) video streaming revolution is already taking place. With it comes a number of business and technical opportunities as well as challenges for the advertising industry. While OTT brings the possibility of building […]

OpenRTB Native 1.2 Adds Dynamic Creative/Third Party Ad Serving Support

By Curt Larson I’m happy to announce that the OpenRTB Native Subgroup has released version 1.2 of the OpenRTB Native Ads API Specification for a 30-day public review period ending May 17, 2017. Major enhancements include support for third party ad serving, privacy flags, and new event tracking options. The […]

Ad Quality Issues Threaten Industry ROI, Not Just Publishers’

By Scott Moore Next time you’re waiting for a page to load on your favorite website, don’t curse the publisher. Blame the advertising industry. The content you’re waiting for is likely being held up by the ads that surround it. When banner ads are too large, or burdened with other […]