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Buyers: This Simple Step Can Help Mitigate Ad Fraud

By Jennifer Derke First launched in September 2017, ads.txt has seen rapid adoption by the digital advertising industry. There are over 2 million domains with ads.txt files, and buyers are committing to buying ads.txt inventory. However, full adoption of ads.txt requires that buyers are specifically validating each of the sellers […]

ads.txt aggregated files – the easy way to fight ad fraud

By Jennifer Derke Buyers and buy-side ad tech partners must develop a strategy of buying publisher inventory that is sold only by authorized digital sellers, as declared in publisher ads.txt files. IAB Tech Lab’s ads.txt aggregator is a simple, easy-to-use tool that helps by providing efficient delivery of aggregated ads.txt structured […]

Mythbusting ads.txt

By Sam Tingleff Recently there have been multiple stories in the industry press hinting that the ads.txt specification has a “loophole” or is otherwise flawed in a way that is being exploited within the mobile app programmatic ecosystem. The Forensiq report specifically, and miscommunication in the press, was flawed in […]

Bringing MRAID 3.0 Adoption Up to Speed

By Aron Schatz MRAID 3.0 was released about a year ago to be the gateway to enhancing rich media advertising in mobile applications. Since that time, the industry has been adopting and embracing the changes to the standard. The work has not stopped for the MRAID working group, though. Through […]

Transparency and Consent Framework Mobile App Spec Ready for Adoption

By Jennifer Derke Today, IAB Tech Lab and IAB Europe released the Transparency and Consent Framework’s Mobile In-app Specifications as a final version ready for widespread industry adoption. No significant changes were made to the specs in the process of finalization. Tech Lab’s GDPR Mobile Subgroup reviewed the specifications and […]

GDPR and IAB Tech Lab: Cooperation on Standards that Benefit the Industry

By Anissa Connor GDPR enforcement date has arrived, and along with it a plethora of compliance requirements for the global digital advertising ecosystem.  The applicability of GDPR across our industry has presented an enormous opportunity for collaboration, and IAB Tech Lab has been engaging with industry stakeholders to develop important […]

A New Chapter for DigiTrust

By Jordan Mitchell We’re pleased to announce that IAB Tech Lab has acquired the DigiTrust solution, is hiring the team, and will support increasing global adoption of the DigiTrust neutral ID service. Additionally, IAB Tech Lab will work to integrate DigiTrust capabilities with existing and emerging technology standards for digital […]

Leadership Insights Into the Open Measurement SDK

By Dennis Buchheim Leadership Insights When IAB Tech Lab formed its Open Measurement Software Development Kit (OM SDK) working group, one of our primary goals was clear: to encourage collaboration among industry members, including publishers and measurement providers, to develop scalable solutions to measurement challenges in the mobile app environment. […]

Demystifying Identifiers and Understanding Their Critical Roles in Advertising

By Dennis Buchheim and Amit Shetty “Identity” is a term that gets used a lot in digital advertising, usually in the context of identifying and targeting consumers. At the IAB Tech Lab, we look at identity in a broader context, covering consumers, creative assets, and the businesses involved in the […]

IAB Tech Lab Supports GDPR Transparency and Consent Solutions

  RELEASING AN OPENRTB GDPR ADVISORY AND LAUNCHING THE IAB TECH LAB GDPR TECHNICAL WORKING GROUP IAB Tech Lab has taken the steps to support the advertising industry adherence to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR, which becomes enforceable on May 25, 2018, promotes more control for European […]